Bone Spur on Spine

I was recently diagnosed with a bone spur on the anterior side of my spine. For years my back would start hurting whenever i did any type of lower body movement like squats, deadlifts, lunges, etc. I went and saw alot of chiropractors, doctors, etc. But it wasnt till i got an MRI that they found about the bone spur.

They said there is nothing they can do about it. I hate to think that i can never do any major lower body lifts. When i dont lift i am pretty much pain free, but once i try to lift it kicks in again.


The bone spur is part of the body’s response to increased forces being placed on the vertrebra at that level. The body lays down new bone formation to try to spread the forces out over a larger suface area and to help with stability. So, the bone spur occurs as a result of a problem at that area. Pretty common to find these as part of a disc problem or part of the degenerative process.

A bone spur on the anterior portion of the spine most likely is not a pain generator. The problem that caused it,however, can definitely generate pain. If the bone spur was on the posterior area, around the spinal canal or nerve foramen, then it would be more of an issue.

What kind of spinal stability program have you done?

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