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Bone spur anyone?


got one on my wrist bone probably from a recent injury.

any luck getting rid of yours with supplements?

currently take 10-12 fis oil, gonna up for a bit.

curcmin will be added too, any suggested dose?


Take a picture of it and send it to me or post here. Chances are it is a ganglion cyst and not a bone spur, also there is nothing supplement wise to get rid of either.
Not to bust your balls, but there really is a reason guys like me went to school for 14 years, there are things that cannot be fixed by the magic of supplements.


I don't have the x-ray. it's formed on top my hamate bone almost pointy lookimg in the area of my 4th meta carpal.

was reading spurs anyways can be from inflammation from injury was hoping anti-inflammatories would help that.

happened 2 weeks ago, feeling much better yesterday today. have been working out fine, pushups last night didnt hurt but very slight discomfort. today go to bend it backwards to grab something and hurt like hell. still cant move it much


btw- no lump like cysts pictured on wiki. slight edema in wrist/hand/knuckle area


Well, if it is a bone spur, then surgery is really the only way to make it go.