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Bone Pain While Under Stress


Hey all,

When I curl lately, I have a fairly sharp pain in one of my forearm bones. I think it's my left tibia. The pain is usually only at the top 1/4 to 1/2 of the lift. It takes quite a bit of stress to make it happen... Just pushing on my arm, stretching, etc, doesn't do it.

Is this common and nothing to worry about, or do I need to give that arm some time off and drink more milk?



Curls with a straight barbell?

If yes then just curl with an EZ bar or DBs.


I get this. When I put down the Barbell too I need to hold on to it for like 5 seconds and squeeze my left forearm with my hand to minimize the pain. Cba to let it heal.


It could be just a muscle strain, (if there was bruising it could be because it broke). If it's a strain best thing to do is take some anti-inflammatory's and rest your arm.


i have the same problem, i find its actually worse with ez barl curls, but better with dumbells.. i have just been using lighter weight higher reps and the pain seems to be going away a bit.


The tibia is in youlower leg. The two bones in your forearm are the radius & ulna; radius is on the thumb side, uina is on the pinky side.


I used to get that as a beginner. I had to do what TheMentalist ^^ said above.

I never get that anymore, though.


Yep, work through it until your bones toughen up.


Easy to get stress fractures from straight bar curling, and later on, even if your bones have somehow adapted to this, you'll likely end up with pain in the elbow region from tight/messy forearm muscles/tendons and some other stuff...

Some people's individual structure allows them to do flat bar curls and such totally pain-free, their wrists can be supinated that far under load without trouble and their forearms are more in line with their upper arms and shoulders when the arm is held in the bottom position of a straight bar curl.
A great many people's arms are structured in a way that places their hands/forearms out of line with their upper arms and shoulders in that same position, and the degree of supination necessary for a straight bar curl thus hurts them. As the OP said, the pain/irritation mostly happens in the top parts of ROM, Yates rows and such can often still be done pain-free.

I decided not to take chances and switched to alt. offset curls... Never looked back.


Thanks. Lol. It's the ulna.

Good advice here. I am using a curl bar by the way. I was moving some big rocks around yesterday and it hurt there too, so it's definitely injured in some way. I've been moving rocks for years (landscaping) and never felt that before.

No big deal. If I let it heal right it should be stronger than when I started


Yep, let it heal before you end up with a real injury.

If you were using a curl bar, could it be that you irritated your forearms/bones on some other exercise or perhaps even during your landscaping work? Once you've irritated them in the first place, many bi exercises can cause trouble which otherwise wouldn't...


I've gotten this pain before as well. It went away but I still can't do straight bar curls. I noticed when it was hurting I could still do hammer curls on dumbells and cable curls with the rope. For the rope curl, palms should be facing each other when your holding the rope.


I went to a therapist for this same thing, he told me it was forearm splints. Same thing as shin splints. (Small fragments of bone that cause some pain when the muscle is under tension ext... I was told that it is no problem and you can work through it. Ibuprofen!!!


You have a severe problem if your tibia is in your forearm, or you are simply experiancing the impercuevable bend of your bone re straightening when you release the bar which is more likely.


I dunno... We're all trying to get bigger, and having a tibia in one's forearm would certainly make for a big forearm. :slight_smile:




I get the same thing too. Comes and goes. It does feel quite a bit like the bone itself is bending, to me at least. I don't know if that is what is actually happening, but that is the best description I can give of what it feels like.


I have the exact same thing! The pain is minimal at best when doing curls, any kind of curls. My worst pain is on pressing movements. I have to hold the barbell or dumbbell after the set and slowly release my grip over about 5 seconds or so to let the stress bleed off. Hurts like a mofo.