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Bone Healing

Any dietary adjustments or other therapies you guys know of to increase the healing rate of fractures?

Nothing specially except higher protein and calcium intake. Anything that improves anabolism can help,from tribulus, prohormones, and steroids.

I am a student of veterinary medicine.We treat many fractures in animals by osteosynthesis (spell?)-meaning we use metal plates to “heal” the fracture.That way, animal can use its limb,which speeds up healing rate of fracture.
Which bone did you break?

When Poliquin was recovering from his heart attck, he used glucosamine to help repair his sternum. He said that the doctors were amazed at how quickly it healed, and he was convinced that it was the glucosamine that did it.

Unfortunately, I broke my nose, so I don’t think metal plates are an option. I have seen one study referred to in support of chondroitin use, but I haven’t been able to get hold of the actual article on it. Thanks for the info, guys.

Well,in your case,chondroitin/glucosamine supplement will definitely be helpful. When you say you broke your nose-does that mean your broke nasal bone (and even part of upper jaw) or just nasal cartilage?

I broke the nasal bone, had to pop it back into place myself. Sparring’s a bitch. I’m going to go pick up some chondroitin today, I think. What dose do you think? In Cy’s article from a while back, he thought 1600mg-2400mg was appropriate for therapy of an actual injury, while 400mg was an appropriate maintenance dose to help mitigate general wear and tear. I guess the higher dose would be best.

By the way, anybody know the ideal form of calcium to take? Seems the main options are calcium carbonate and calcium hydroxyapatite, the latter of which is much touted.

Actually, some research has been done on vibrations and their healing powers. Small vibrations running through the body or lower levers to help mend bones.
Dan Fichter