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Bone Growth and Supplementation/GH Use

When I was 17 I had a compound fracture of the right tibia that interrupted the growth plates which fused slightly early. I’m almost 22 years old 5’10" and my right tibia is about 3/4" shorter than my left. I haven’t grown in height for at least a year or two.

I am not sure if the growth plate on my right leg is fused or not. I am reading some places that they fuse at 16 years of age and others say 21 years.

Let’s assume I use GH or a supplement that increases GH production this year. Is it possible that my left tibia could continue to grow and become more unbalanced? The slight imbalance doesn’t affect my lifts but I’m worried if I grew any more then it would end up changing how I squat and deadlift.

Insight and suggestions?