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Bone Graft Healing Help

Had benign tumor in my left talus. Was 95 percent of my bone. Have had bone graft done. IT was sizable tumor. I was anything hormone that can help my bone grow faster. I I am assuming HGH and masteron? I started masteron as it helps with dht and dht is related to bone growth (differention). any help would be appreaciated.

R u running mast without test, masteron isn’t DHT, it’s a modified form of DHT, just as Anavar is a modified form of DHT, both behave differently but you get what I’m saying. Sorry to hear about the tumour tho, that sucks. If you want to run DHT, then use dihydrotestosterone… Not sure how you can get that though, it’s not anabolic so it’s abuse potential is limited (deactivated in muscle tissue by the 3-hsd enzyme), although proviron is the same yet it’s abused so you never know, maybe there’s a market for straight DHT

im already on trt. I would get DHT except I have never seen anyone selling it, and doctors are f aholes when it comes to hormones. Im only 21 so I really need my mobility back.

Look hard enough and you’ll find it mate, I can’t list sources but I’m telling you it’s possible (note I’ve never ordered DHT) and I’m not sure if taking dihydrotestosterone to accelerate bone healing is a good idea. Are you looking for increased bone volume or BMD? if it’s bone density you’re after, a number of AAS have been previously used and may still be occasionally used to combat osteoporosis. Testosterone itself is great at increasing BMD.

May I ask why you are on TRT? You’re young, and honestly I gotta say (as terrible as this sounds) it comforts me a little bit to know I’m not the only young one on TRT (I’m even younger than you are), I do figure though, if I’m on trt I might as well make the best of a shit situation, and while it isn’t about numbers, I do find I feel absolutely great on 250mg/wk (this isn’t trt) however afterward I plan on cruising at 200mg, enough to keep my TT riiiight at the top and my FT slightly over the top of the ref range.

What’s your trt dose, what’s your masteron dose, lay it out here, others might chime in to help. I don’t give advice on gear because Im not a medical professional therefore I don’t feel comfortable doing so however if I can tell you to reduce the dose if it’s too much.

I assume you’re aware of the risks using gear has on the cardiovascular system, most specifically the heart (well that’s the scariest possible effect by far).

Had low testosterone naturally around 300 and had mood swing the usual. Never touched riods or snythkng. Rn I’m on 80 mg a week just started a month ago. Masteron dose is 150 mg a week rn.

is the 80mg weekly prescribed or self medication? 80mg sounds low, however everyone is different, I wouldn’t even push 350ng/dl with that dose. The average TRT dose is somewhere in the 100-150mg/wk range. However some people can take more, it depends how you feel, what your bloods say and whatnot, for instance if you can’t control hematocrit on TRT even with blood donations then a lower dose it probably required.