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Bone Fractures and Alpha Male

Due to my other hobby (riding fast motorcycles a.k.a. “sportbikes”) I had an accident 3 weeks ago and I broke the left collarbone and the right ankle. The collarbone is a pretty minor thing, but the ankle needed surgery and a few bits of titanium to keep the bones in place.
Now I’m sitting on the couch all day long, waiting to recuperate.

The thing is, I went from a fairly active life style to very little activity and my body is not very pleased. I am trying to exercise as much as I can, but that mostly means walking around the house in a crutch.

My energy level went down the drain so I wonder if I can boost it with Alpha Male.
But the problem is - will Alpha Male interfere in a negative way with the healing process? Are the bones supposed to heal up faster with increased T levels?

Otherwise, I’m drinking milk and taking multivitamins/multiminerals every day to provide the right stuff to the bones.

I’m 36, rather skinny (by this website’s standards), overall in excellent health except the recent injuries.

I doubt it would hinder any healing process, but I’m not a Dr.

There is nothing in Alpha Male that would slow down healing.

I don’t think it would do anything to the bones you mentioned.



Check out the product page on Methoxy-7. It mentions increasing calcium absorbtion.