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Bone Fracture Question

so last april 23 i fractured my radial/radius bone in my right arm and for 2 months i have arm cast and after two months this arm cast will be fully removed in june 23… my question is how many weeks or days will this heal or should i say how many weeks or days will it take to fully get my strength back in my right arm? after they remove my arm cast can i lift weight at that day or its dangerous? please answer guys i just need help thank you

I’ve never heard of a doctor removing a cast when the bone wasn’t fully healed. I’m sure you can lift weights the day you get it removed, but if you want to be safe just ask them when you get it removed.

Personally, I would ask the doctor. He is, in fact, a doctor.

It depends on how long the cast is too.

From my own personal experience in a full arm cast, from above my elbow to my fingers, your mobility will be shit. I don’t think you’re going to get that off and then just go straight to full elbow bending, wrist turning and the like. Things get tight.

How long until the mobility returns? I don’t know, I could fully extend my elbow after a week but my surgically repaired wrist took 4 months or so. That was probably caused by the surgery though.

i can move my wrist and elbow not fully extended and i ask the doctor he gave me some therapy exercises for my wrist cause my only problem is my wrist. also can you give some exercises to help my wrist?

I don’t have any exercises for you. Do the exercises the doctor gave you.

Stretch your wrist throughout the day is the only other thing I can think of.

yes my doctor gave me some exercises but i want more lol