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Bone Contusions and Microfractures


Suffered bone bruising essentially and some very small fractures to my tibia and a lot of the medial side of my knee. This was confirmed by an MRI (ligaments are all fine, with some medial meniscus damage). I’m now 3 months in from the initial injury, which was sustained after a knee to knee clash at full speed during a lacrosse game.

Still getting a lot of pain and inflammation day to day. Been prescribed to rest as much as possible by the doctor, impossible with my job of a personal training and setting up a lot of heavy sports equipment at the Sports Centre I work at. The doctors would not prescribe any physiotherapy, on the NHS as they deemed I was getting by okay on my own. I have another MRI booked for 3 months time to assess progress.

Loosing size rapidly on my legs and the only exercises I seem to be able to currently perform are:
Leg extensions
Leg curls
Swiss ball hamstring curls (on a good day)

Has anyone had any experience themselves or had a client with this or a similar issue?
Any particular exercises or supplements I should be performing or taking?

Many thanks