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Bonds(wo)man Shoots and Kills a Man

Just thought I would post this and get some opinions on this.

So the short. Lady bondsman tries to place a man under arrest who is out on bond. My understanding is he should have been free to go. Anyways he resists there is a scuffle she shoots him in the back as he is fleeing. His charges 2nd degree burglary and marijuana possession.

Pretty clear to me this lady should be in jail but she was acquitted.

Worse then this happens everyday. I know. Just want to see if I am the only one that thinks this lady should be doing time at least for manslaughter.

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If she shot him in the back, manslaughter seems very generous to me

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Fucked up story for sure. It’s hard to pass judgement because we weren’t in the jury, didn’t hear the Jury instructions, didn’t see or hear all of the evidence. The photos are odd, there is definitely a time lapse happening. The headline with it’s line about her “horrified son” reeks of bullshit, but it is a British tabloid.

That is a really strange video. The whole scenario is just really weird.

She was apparently tried on first-degree murder. It appears to be pretty clearly voluntary manslaughter. A “not guilty” verdict is what a DA gets for trying to get a conviction for something that wasn’t.


Sounds like 2nd degree murder to me.

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That argument could certainly be made. When I said, “It…pretty clearly,” I guess I really meant, “what would probably be an easy conviction to get for…”

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Not sure which is worse, bail bondsmen or payday loans.

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Yeah, that was plain old murder. She had no right to do that. All she had to do is call the police and let them handle the guy at most.

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That wasn’t 1st degree murder. It was murder 2. I agree, when the DA gets greedy, the defendants usually get off. I would have gone for manslaughter. 10 years is better than nothing.

Wow, somehow I missed the video and thought it was just still images. The DA screwed the pooch on that one.

Isn’t it possible to have included lesser charges? Ie. charge with first degree murder, second degree murder, manslaughter, etc. Then the jury just delivers a verdict on each charge as appropriate.

Not a lawyer, but I thought that was a thing.

Also not a lawyer, but I believe you’re limited based on the type of crime.

Ie you can charge someone with 1st/2/3 degree battery and 1st/2/3 degree theft but not 1st & 3rd battery

I believe a bondsman has the right to arrest a client in certain cases. Police can’t typically get involved in civil issues(e.g., non-payment).

Well here’s the answer to that question:

The prosecution asked for 1st degree manslaughter also be considered, but the judge denied the request, so 1st degree murder, which this was not, was the only available charge.

DA overshot and failed. Dumbass.

Yeah, but this was a criminal issue and bail bondsmen do not have the right to shoot a suspect in any event other than self defense.
Double-jeopardy being involved she can never be charged with this crime again…
She got away with murder.

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I was talking about the guy’s non-payment. That’s not criminal.

No one(except for members of a firing squad in states where that is applicable, I guess) does, as far as I know.

Police have a broader range for use of deadly force. It’s not as broad as some have thought it was, but it is broader.

Y’all are forgetting about Texas.

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Where “He needed shootin’” is a perfect valid defense? :smile: