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Bonds Perjury Investigation

I think anyone with any common sense knew it was bound to happen eventually.  Doesn't necessarily mean he'll be found guilty, but we knew the grand jury wasn't going to just sit idly by.  His surgeon has already been subpoenaed for questioning.  

Bullshit witch hunt.

MLB should be all over Bonds’ jock for helping to save them and renew interest. I didn’t watch baseball for years or go to a game until the steroid long ball hitters started going nuts. I actually went to the game in Houston to see Bonds hit his 70th and that was the only reason I went to the game (and apparently most of the people at the stadium that night since everyone was cheering for Barry and booing when the pussy Astros would walk him).
No steroids now and I’ve stopped having any interest in baseball (other than to see Bonds get the all-time record, but they’re going to fuck him before he does).

I mean aren’t there politicians committing real crimes that a federal grand jury ought to be investigating? Some guy who busted his ass in the gym so he could hit a ball really far is important why?