Bondarchuk/Yessis Seminar

Dr. Anatoly Bondarchuk, the premier hammer throw coach in the world, considered by many to be the most successful coach in
any sport ever, will be speaking in conjunction with Dr. Michael Yessis on October 28-30 in Anaheim, CA.

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For those of you not familiar with Dr. Bondarchuk a brief synopsis of his athletes’ accomplishments follows:

Major Championship Victories (men’s hammer throwers only, all performances achieved by athletes under Mr. Bondarchuk’s direction):
1976 Olympic Games, Montreal ? Gold, Silver and Bronze medallists.
1978 European Championships, Prague - Gold medallist
1979 World Cup, Montreal - Gold medallist
1980 Olympic Games, Moscow - Gold, Silver and Bronze medallists.
1982 European Champ., Athens - Gold, Silver and Bronze medallists.
1983 World Championship, Helsinki - Gold and Silver medallists.
1984 World Cup, Belgrade - Gold medallist
1985 European and World Cup, Canberra - Gold medallist
1986 European Champs, Frankfurt - Gold, Silver and Bronze medallists.
1987 World Championships, Rome - Gold and Silver medallists.
1988 Olympic Games, Seoul - Gold, Silver and Bronze medallists.
1989 European Champs, Yugoslavia - Gold and Silver medallists.
1991 World Championships, Tokyo - Gold and Silver medallists.
1992 Olympic Games, Barcelona - Gold, Silver and Bronze medallists.

Mr. Bondarchuk’s athletes, while members of the USSR National Team, broke 12 World Records. His athletes won all hammer throw medals in 4 consecutive non-boycotted Olympic Games.