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Bonappetit's TRT Log/ New lab Results


That’s what I was thinking. Did you ever had that weird sensation with your skin being overstimulated ??


Sometimes when I push the 29 gauge needle in my skin it hurts a little bit too much, it shouldn’t hurt that much.


Are you feeling it on your chest, not nipples, just the skin? I’ve been getting a strange sensation like that. Where normally I wouldn’t be even really aware of my shirts, but recently when I move sometimes its like my skin is hyper sensitive but that is the only place I feel it, my chest in between the nipples. I got nervous and thought that it was, was elevated E2, but right now my E2 is tanked into the single digits so I am not sure where it is coming from.


I’ve had this before, so has my wife, no idea what the cause is. I get it on my legs and feel like the skin has been rubbed raw, almost like a burn. I have trouble wearing pants when it happens.


Yeah that’s not what I have. I would describe it more as skin was burned and now healed and new skin is sensitive. Not painfull for me at all.


Mine was mostly In legs. It felt like an itchy/burning/water on skin sensation. Weird and uncomfortable, I’m glad today is much better. Just wonder if that could be high e2 related or high test.


Got new lab results.

Test went nicely up. The question is if it is high enough? Should I stick to my dosage or increase it a little. E2 not horribly high but I still have hard sensitive nipples almost daily. Liver AST and ALT went up but my family doctor doesn’t seem to be to concerned just yet. Any advice would be appreciated!. Still no anastrazole.


How do you feel?


Your estradiol actually looks good. I guess they did not take the e2 sensitive test.

Could be different for you but I just had a lab recently and estradiol was 38 and e2 sensitive 14. Which is kinda low.

As Watts is asking if you feel good you probably don’t want to go higher in dosage.

Also if that was a fasting test your glucose is almost 100. Take a1c next time. Liver enzymes , do you have high triglycerides?
You may want a full lipid panel.


Thanks, not sure why it is not sensitive as it was before. It was not fasting thus higher glucose. My a1c was last time checked. Test was done on the day of injection (before).

It has only been 5 weeks for me since starting TRT so not sure If I should feel that much. I feel okeish. My morning erection are back and super strong but at the same time orgasms are not as powerful as before TRT.
My energy is still low, still hard time to wake-up but the brain fog seems to be less.

My muscles are recovering much faster and finally I don’t feel like I got hit by a truck every time I would exercising. So as you can see some positive changes but not where I would like to be for sure.


I would stay the course. It’s not that magical. Other changes you are describing can take many months.

You got wood that is so important. You change dose and lose your erections you will not be happy.


Need some advice. I haven’t been doing that well lately since I am fighting a week long cold. This is my week six on TRT.
Last few days I really struggle to keep my body warm. My hands are freezing. I wonder if I need to introduce some changes in eating habits since I started TRT?

Today I had 2 scrambled eggs half an avocado and one kiwi for breakfast and my body, hands were super cold . It only got better after I ate bigger lunch (quinoa with chicken and some coli flower) my hands are got actually warm for the first time today. I have been trying to lose some weight since my body fat is 24%. Wonder what do I do wrong. Any suggestions?


I was just reading about that. Calorie restriction will lower your body temperature.


What Charlie said above, gotta stoke the fire to keep it high. My hands begin to freeze when I’m cutting down then I’m like a blast furnace when I’m bulking up.


But how do I cut my body fat besides exercising. What’s your breakfast like? Does being on TRT require more calories? I gained 10 lbs since starting TRT.


That’s how I feel after my lunch today. Even my ears feel hot.


Wonder if it’s your insulin spiking? Seems like your lunch had a lot more carbs than your breakfast.

Typically I just have to ride out the cold feeling. It generally goes away when I start eating at maintenance levels after cutting down for a while.

You could just calculate your calories for the day, eat enough to maintain your weight (perhaps slightly lower on non-workout days), factoring in your activity level. It’s called body recomposition. As long as you’re doing resistance training your body will eventually lose fat while gaining muscle at the same time. It will take MUCH longer than a standard cutting down phase where you’re in a large calorie deficit but I’ve had it work.


Hey fellows,

I simple question. In your experience how fast did you get your energy back on TRT?? I am 6 weeks and still feeling tired as hell. Hands still super cold. Starting to question my decision starting TRT. Please please let me know what do you think.


Going on TRT can expose a low functioning thyroid that may have gone unnoticed do to testosterone being low, testosterone attempts to restore metabolic rates and if thyroid function is erratic and having trouble producing thyroid hormones the majority of the time, you would then experience hypothyroidism symptoms as your thyroid slams on the brakes metabolically since it is unable to keep up.

It seems that as I go on protocols that keep my testosterone super stable (daily or EOD), symptoms of hypothyroidism increase in frequency and severity.

Cold hands or cold feet is thyroid related, this is the perfect moment to do thyroid testing.

Do you find yourself wearing a lot clothing to keep warm?


I don’t really wear that much clothing inside I guess it’s only my hands and feet that are ice cold.

What thyroid labs should I do? Would you suggest to check also cortisol levels?? Thank you for your time and reply!!