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Bonappetit's TRT Log/ New lab Results


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That thyroid peroxidase marker may improve with a B-complex multi-vit that contains 150mcg iodine and 200mcg selenium. Selenium is important.


Hey Guys,

I need some advice. I never starter taking Test injection because I was traveling in Europe for few weeks. Now back in the USA I tested my blood again (still on clomid 12.5 mg EOD) and my results came back like this:

|TESTOSTERONE, TOTAL, MS |491 |250-1100 |ng/dL
|TESTOSTERONE, FREE |66.4 |46.0-224.0 |pg/mL
|TESTOSTERONE,BIOAVAILABLE |145.2 |110.0-575.0 |ng/dL
|ALBUMIN,SERUM |4.8 |3.6-5.1 |g/dL

Results are not that horrible and just makes me wonder If I indeed need to go on injections as endo suggested. Also, how long does the clomid stay in your body and works on your testosterone??


How do you feel?

Erections, sex, energy, muscle etc


I feel somewhat OK but still struggle with low energy especially in the mornings. I also have hard time putting words together. Thinking is not there, I don’t feel sharp or refreshed. My fat still sits on my waist and I have hard time loosing it, despite of being on Keto diet. No issue with erections but not much interest in sex.


Is your keto diet at a caloric deficit?


I don’t think I’m deficient in calories, I could probably eat less. I do eat and don’t feel hungry (keto friendly food). The issue with thinking was happening way before the diet. Did you guys find it hard to think when hawing low T??


Your free t looks low. When taking clomid need to check LH FSH estrogen. So you can adjust your dose


ESTRADIOL came back perfect at 25. Didn’t test LH and FSH. Any idea how long does it take for your body to come back to natural levels after getting off clomid?


Would like to update my situation. Finally decided on TRT. My levels dropped significantly after stopping clomid. Yesterday I had my first injection at the doctors office. My protocol is as follow:

200 of test cyp every 7 days
500 HCG twice a week
0.5 Anastrazole a day after injection.

I understand that this is a high starting dosage for both test and HCG and I wonder if I should start with half of both. 100 of test and 250 of HCG? Any ideas? The doctors want to see me in 3 months. In my opinion that’s a little too long. I would probably test after a month with my primary. Please guys if you have any suggestion I would really appreciate it!!


Trust me this protocol isn’t a winning protocol, it looks borrowed from 200mg every 2 weeks and not much thought went into it which is what bothers me. Between the 200mg weekly dosage and the HCG, estrogen is going to be a beast that will require a large dosage AI.

You could possibly do away with the AI or greatly decrease it if you weren’t going on a huge Test dosage, these large Test dosages increase the need for AI’s, ideally you want to wean yourself off of them in the future.

Why not start now?

Your testosterone and estrogen levels will swing on this protocol, this I am certain.

A winning protocol would be 50mg twice weekly, HCG 250 EOD and .125mg AI twice weekly. The smaller doses of both Test and HCG will decrease estrogen a bit reducing the reliance on AI’s achieving higher testosterone and lower estrogen ratios.

You can always increase the AI if needed, but once you crash estrogen on higher doses, recovery halts all progress until you recovery from crashed estrogen which could take several weeks or months.


OR you could start off with your 50mg Test C shot twice weekly with your HcG, then keep the AI on hand until you need it. Your E2 is probably going to go up at first until your body balances it out. My E2 got up to a 55 and I never took an AI.

Your E2 could spike a little then you take too much AI and tank your E2, then you are just swinging from one end to the other.


Your absolutely right fellows, that dosage is too big I just didn’t want to argue with the doctor from the beginning since I will be injecting by myself anyway. He only did the first injection at the office. I also got my newest result and my total test came back at 157 (LabCorp) comparing to 300 (labqust) done only a week ago. I was actually happy to see that low number, since deciding on TRT having 300 and being in range I felt uneasy. Thank you for all your input. I would be lost without this forum.


Is there much more benefit in taking HcG 250 EOD comparing to only twice a week??I read somewhere that even 250 a week is enough to keep the proper testicle size. My anastrazole comes in a capsules so it is hard to split it equally.


I dissolve my 0.050 anastrozole in 5mls of vodka using graduates droppers and dose .4mls, by some miracle anastrozole dissolves in vodka leaving behind only the filler.

I tried splitting the powder within the anastrozole capsules and you cannot guarantee you are consuming the filler or the anastrozole, I paid for it dearly and experienced a massive blood pressure spike when my E2 spiked.

As far as dosing HCG, it’s better to dose more frequently for most men.


Just a little update.
I changed my original protocol to:
2x 60 test a week
No anastrazole.

I only did take anastrazole first 2 times and then decided not to take it again till some high E2 symptoms appear. My E2 was only 9 (sensitive) before the TRT. Maybe with good luck I won’t need it at all. It has been two weeks on TRT and only the first week brought some positive changes. I felt like I could find all the words when I speak for the first time in a long time. That was actually the biggest change.

Now in week two I feel like before TRT. No energy, impossible to wake up in the morning and hard time thinking clearly. My libido seems be ok as before TRT. However, I started having morning erections which I didn’t have for years or months before TRT (had it on clomid as well).
Looking for some positive changes in next few weeks especially in my ability to think more clearly as well as energy increase. Also, how much of iodine and selenium should I take? don’t see it in the sticky, my hands are extremely cold… and Thoughts?


Bump bump


It normally takes a couple of weeks for your pituitary gland to shut down which ends the TRT honeymoon period, your pituitary gland has been fooled into thinking your testicles are again producing testosterone, the feedback loop has been disrupted and now you must wait until your body reaches homeostasis and balances out all your hormones.

I had only a 3 day honeymoon period, it took me 6 weeks for the slightest hint that I was feeling better.


Thank you systemlord for answering! What was the slightest hint that you got ? What first improved ?

I believe I got some e2 symptoms today. My nipples are dry and itchy plus I’m bloated. I had that nipple thing before when my e2 was high on clomid. Does this mean to start anastrazole with injection?


Need an advice. I feel like my e2 is possibly high. My nipples are hard, dry and somewhat sensitive. My mood is more volatile in an angry way. Today I got this weird sensation when my skin felt (still feels) sensitive. It is weird to explain but I can feel clothes differently on my body. I just took DIM to see if that helps, my injection was 2 days ago and HCG yesterday. Thoughts? Please advice didn’t want to take amidrex just yet.


If you are just starting TRT your levels will fluctuate for the next 6 weeks, so this could just be a momentary spike in E2 and not necessarily stable E2 levels.