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Bonadouchebah Top 5


Danny the dickweed has made me think. Is he the biggest douchebag of all time? I have compiled a list of my opinion as the top 5 douchebags. Please post your own choices.

  1. Adolph Hitler. One sick bitch.

  2. Tie: Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris (the Columbine kids) Kill innocent kids because some jocks picked on you.

  3. Guy who shot the pope. Enough said.

  4. Todd Willett. You don't know him, but the drunk fool kissed my wife and then called the police when I bitch slapped him.

and the number one douchebag of all time (besides Danny Bonaduche)

  1. Judas. Being a snitch is bad. Narking on the King of all man is really bad.


HAHAHA! He ought to be a contender for a Darwin Award. What a nitwit.

My top 2 Douchebags because I can't think of 5:

2.) those abuse others when it is NON-consensual
1.) Parents/ Adults who abuse children in any way


Sounds like you are into kinky stuff.


I pretend mostly.


You guys need to lay off Danny so bad! He is only 150 w/e but he is short and considering he was like 220 thats pretty good! Who cares if he doesnt want to be healthy, there are a shit ton of people on here who feel the same way.


Aren't you like 6-6 270 or something?


Yep. I couldn't believe it. My wife told me she handled it, but the sheer disrespect he showed my by doing that. I was so pissed. The funny thing was, when the police came to talk to me, I told them why I did it, I just slapped his face to punk his ass, the police declined to ticket me. They said it was justified.


Gotta put those Enron execs up there somewhere. Screwed all those folks out of their life savings.

Probably that BTK killer also. Did you see how calmly he described his "projects"? I've been in the presence of a few cold killers like him. I believe hell has special accomodations for those types.