Bompa Interview

Great interview with Bompa! What does everyone think? Finally, an interview with someone who knows what he is talking about.

It was good, but I think a Zatsiorsky interview would be better.

good article, but most of us aren’t “athletes” per say… but wantingtolookgoodnakedbada$$mofos and the article was geared more towards athletes. Still the man has an interesting perspective.

That interview sucked. Bompa’s views are old fashioned. Their are much better coaches out there suchs as Poliquin, King, and Staley just to name a few. I have one of Bompa’s books and I want my money back from it. It wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on!!!

I was actually quite disapointed. I thought the interviewer did a good job though. I actually lost respect for bompa due to his responces to some of the questions.

It was a great interview. Bompa is a great coach. :slight_smile:

Siff just shot it apart on his Supertraining group.

Yeah no shit eh. He did shoot a bunch of holes in it. But I thought Siff was right. Seemed so obvious too. But Bompa did have some good advice. :slight_smile: