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Bombshell in Relation to the Medical Community

See bold.

The over arching point is the negative effect profits have on the medical community or any industry for that matter. As the author found out first hand. The perversion of the corporate charter.

This is still not a question. It’s a regurgitation of conspiracy-theorist psychobabble from someone that believes “profits” are the root of all evil. If you are only capable of parroting points that you read from alternative medicine websites, there is little point in carrying on.

If you would actually like to discuss something, ask me a question.

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I am flabbergasted that you started a thread in this vein. Truly flabbergasted.

I would never have expected such a thing.


I am not flabbergasted that you’ve decided to turn a blind eye to this information as it goes against your ideology and therefore cannot be true.

More info. on the corruption of the medical community.