Bomber's Comeback Log

Hello everyone,

My name is Tommy, and I haven’t ever kept an online training journal before but I thought it might be fun for right now. I am trying to come back after a lay off, and I am not in top form but I am getting closer everyday. I feel that I will soon be setting some all time PR’s and building some real strength.

My current pr’s after starting training again are a 515 deadlift, 250 clean and jerk, 180 snatch, 305x5 front squat, 275x20 squat, 215 press, and 315 bent bar row.

So, without further adieu my training from today.

August 24, 2011

General warm up

Snatch 1x135x10sets
Front Squats 5x305 (pr+30lb).
Pendley Rows 8x205 (pr+20lb), 8x215(pr+10lb), 5x225(pr+10lb)
weighted v-ups 8x104 (pr+3 reps)

Yoga 20 minutes

Notes: The snatches felt smooth, as they should. I am trying to improve my technique after maxing everything out last week. The front squats were really easy, and I should have done 325x5 as well. I like the Pendley rows, they are really good and force strict technique.


August 25, 2011

Grip workout

Hammer Leverage: 10x8reps (pr+5reps)
Hammer Leverage to the front: 10x5reps choked handle (PR+2lb)

Captains of crush grippers
#2.5x3reps (pr+2reps)
#1.5x25R/23L (pr+2reps R/5reps L)

Yoga: Tight as hell today.

Notes: This felt great, I am liking the high volume on the grippers. Hopefully I can reach a #3 C.O.C. before too much longer, maybe the end of the year.

Hi Tommy,

Welcome to the house of pain. You sound strong. Do you have any particular goals? Do you do yoga in a class or do you have a particular routine that you do yourself? One of my goals at the moment is to improve flexibility. Do you have any pics?

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Hey Bird,
Thank you very much for your kind welcome. I am looking forward to getting strong again, right now I still can’t deadlift heavy without pain… so my favorite lift is cut off. I am enjoying my current training though. My particular goals right now are a 300 clean and jerk, 225 snatch, 425 front squat, and to be able to deadlift again by the end of the year. Failing being able to deadlift heavy I would like to deadlift 405 double overhand on an axle. I think I can do it with some work, in fact I think I can exceed them.

To answer your question I have encountered some financial difficulties lately so all of my training is at home now. I do have a particular yoga program that I follow, though. I do a flow that starts with mountain pose, legs together forward bend, high lunge, low lunge, pigeon pose, plank pose, down dog, up dog, plank, pigeon, the lunges, forward bend, and mountain pose. All on the same leg then I repeat the process on the other side, I find that this program addresses pretty much all of my needs. It would seem that you are a high level soccer player/endurance guy, all of the work on the hips might, also, serve you well if you give it a try.

Yoga journal entries for the program I follow. Of course I am less flexible than any of the demonstrators on this site, but still I am fairly flexible for a 260lb man.
Mountain Pose: How to Properly Do Tadasana Mountain
Learn How to Come Into Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend) Safely Forward bend (obviously good for the hammies)
High Lunge High lunge (hip flexor stretch)
Low Lunge (Anjaneyasana) Low Lunge (hip flexors)
One-Legged King Pigeon Pose: How to Practice Eka Pada Rajakapotasana Pigeon pose (glutes)
Downward-Facing Dog: How to Practice Adho Mukha Svanasana Down dog (For me this hits my shoulders and my calves mostly)
Open Your Chest in Upward-Facing Dog Pose (Urdhva Mukha Svanasana) Up dog (Another hip flexor stretch)

As for pictures of me, I don’t have a camera right now. I do have a few old pictures from my competitive strongman days. I will dig them up before I update my log today. Sorry for the long response, have a great day.
Thanks again for your kind words, I hope this helps you out.

August 26,2011

Short training today, didn’t feel very good.

Clean and jerk 135, 1x185x5 (thumb was bothering me, hook gripping was not good today)
RDL’s 3x455 (PR+55lb), less weight more reps next time, maybe 425. Went over under as hook grip was painful.
Floor press 8x185 (new max), 4x235 (PR+50lb), 5x235(PR+1 rep) These felt good, my first time doing them.

That’s it for today. I just felt like shit, maybe I didn’t sleep enough last night, or trained to soon after waking up.

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Thanks Tommy for the links. I will study them closely and see if it will fit into my routine. At the moment I can spend up to an hour foam rolling and stretching, so it kind of cuts into my lifting time.
Do you have much equipment at home. I prefer to train at home myself, although I seriously need to upgrade my equipment.

Keep shuffling bro.


I hear you on the flexibility thing. Too be honest if my flexibility weren’t already naturally good, I would have to do more that what I laid out there. It can be hard balancing your training too, especially when you try to unite endurance training and strength training. Have you ever looked into/tried PNF stretching to save time?

I do have a great deal of equipment at home, I run a small strength and conditioning program so I can have up to 15 kettlebells, 2 axles, 4 bars (one of which is an excellent oly bar, bunch of bumpers, bunch of steel plates, squat stands, sledge hammers, bands…ect. It’s a pretty great set up considering that there aren’t any dues, and the worst I have to do is shift it around some.

August 28, 2011

Grip workout
Captains of crush grippers

CoC #2.5x5 (PR+2 reps)
CoC #1.5x30r/28l (PR+5reps)
CoC #2x3(new max)

Hammer leveraging slim style (single hammer)
6lb x15reps (PR+5reps)
8lb x8reps (PR+3 reps)
Good work out, I am going to switch up my grip stuff soon, any suggestions?

August 29

olympic lifting drills
clean and jerk: 135, 185, 215,225,225,235,235

z-press: 145x8(pr 4reps), 155x3(pr 10 reps)
pull ups: 10x body weight (PR 1 rep), 3x body weight.
shovel lift: 125x5(pr 2 reps)

A little yoga, but not much. I will do more later.

August 31 2011

Snatch 135,135,145,155, 165, 175, 185(Pr 5lb), 195(PR 10lb)
Front squat 325x5(pr 20lb) 345x1(pr 20lb)
Pendley Rows 235x8(pr 10lb), 250x8 (pr 15lb)

I need to remember to do some ab work next time.

Some yoga and hand stand practice.