Bomba on Force

I want to preface this by saying I prescribe explosive concentrics for my athletes and have always supported this. Everyone here and their mother knows F=MA. However, I was reading something by Bomba earlier today. It was from his Serious Strength Training book that is basically linear periodizaiton for bodybuilders which equates to interesting toilet material. However, I have great respect for Bomba as a proffesional. He states that it is a myth that slow contractions reduce force output. “Slow contraction increases muscle tension, keeping the myosin-actin coupling in longer contraction and leading to increased force and muscle size” I would like to hear some of your opinions on this with info to back it up, especially Waterbury. Every study I have seen comparing bodybuilders to weightlifters shows that weightlifters are capable of much more forcefull contractions mainly because of the speed in which they are able to execute their movements.

The tension is greatest at max weight and speed is slowest. And its Bompa. Had to throw that part in there.