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Bolt's 9.58 100m World Record



Holy Shit.


Holy Re-post Batman.


Get this ... this fat tool I work with said that "that seems slow." So I asked him, "Have you ever sprinted a 100m before?" He mumbled some shit and I loudly mumbled tool...it was funny


Yes, but can he dunk a basketball? /sarcasm


I bet he can throw down some nasty dunks with his height and fast-twitch fibers.


Having been a track fan since 1996, I am no longer impressed with human running ability. Bolt is only about 10-15% faster than me, and I'm nothing. When I watch elite sprinters on the track, it's not visually impressive to me anymore. Humans aren't meant to run. Have you ever seen a gazelle run? Now that's fucking FAST. Usain Bolt, not so much.


He did some dunks at a Celtics game and they were decidedly unimpressive. I would have expected him to bang his head on the rimn. He really didn't get up at all.


Doesnt look too bad considering he cant play a lick of ball. Seemed really easy.


Isn't your sprinting speed related to your vertical jump? That's interesting...


When and if he tops out and cant run any faster I would like to see him hit the juice hard and break into the 8 second mark.

But I know that wont happen.


They're related, but still more different than similar. Jumping relies on raw muscular torque, whereas in running the leg acts more like a passive spring. I know for a fact that a 9.93 sprinter by the name of Jon Drummond who competed for the US in two Olympics could not dunk a basketball despire being close to 6'0.


The reason a man will never run under 9 flat is because his bones would shatter mid-stance if he applied enough force to the ground to run 30mph.


I suppose everyone needs a hater, and in this case said hater can compare a human to a gazelle. Lets compare bulls to free safeties in the NFL. Pussies.

"Britain's Bradley Wiggins was only travelling 7.03mph faster than Bolt when he won Olympic track cycling gold in the men's 4km individual pursuit in Beijing."



Jumping and running both depend on the elasticity of the tendons and the power which can be produced by the muscles. Someone with a lot of bounce and a large difference between running and standing vert, like early career MJ, would have very elastic tendons, while someone with little difference would be someone who relies mainly on muscular strength, like olympic lifter Pyrros Dimas, who's not a jumper but has an impressive vert.

Concentric strength is most important at the beginning of the 100m, but the middle and end rely more on tendon elasticity. (how someone like carl lewis, who was comparatively weak and didn't lift weights can still be fast)


Wtf are you talking about? First of all Usain would leave you in the fucking DUST. How about you race next to him (or any elite sprinter for the matter) and we'll see how visually unimpressive it looks? Why are you comparing an animal that survives on its speed and agility vs us?


In his latest WR run he had a 0.8 second 10 meter section at top speed, which is about 28mph, if he were to do a flying 30m or something in training with a more relaxed lead in than he had in that race, he would be capable of getting closer to 30 right now. If he is able to get any faster than he is now, he might hit 30mph in another 100m race in the near future.


How did you come to this conclusion? What is the current amount of force Bolt is generating and what is the limit for human bones? Bones can become stronger through training.

This article seems to think the limit is more likely based on the tendons and ligaments:

This expert seems to think there is sub 9 second potential:



He will get faster maybe not much but enough to get a few more bonus's. Since he gets something like a million everytime he breaks the record.


Please show me how many 2 handed windmills you've seen, then add on skinny jeans and a sweatshirt.


Honest question: Can a gazelle cover 26 miles faster than a human? Not arguing sprint speed but when you say "not meant to run" period I feel like I read somewhere we're the best distance runners on the planet.
I can't vouch for this site or professor "Pepe" but this is basically what I thought: