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Bolton's World Record DL


It appears Andy Bolton took back the DL world record, hitting 971 lb. this past weekend. I'm more impressed by this lift than Magnusson's 970 lb, not because it is one pound more, but because he did it without taking tokens in the squat and bench. He totaled 1240kg (510kg, 290kg, 440+kg)





That was an incredible lift. And he really didn't struggle at all with it, which makes it even more impressive!


Just amazing...


It was a great lift. I don't know how much more he had, but he should have a shot at a grand soon.


Will be cool to see him and Benni trade records until they break a grand. Wonder who will do it first. My money is on Benni, he seems so focused on just that one lift. I hear he did quite well in the strongman competition at the arnold. I'm sure he wasn't happy about his record being broken.


This is true. He blew it off the floor.

And Magnusson did do well, but surprisingly did not win the tire deadlift event.


Awesome deadlift!


One word - Awesome.


Impressive to say the least. He has 100 in him and maybe then some.


My prediction is that there isn't going to be any screwing around, and that next time Benedikt Magnusson is going straight for the grand.



I liked how he just decided to hold onto it at the end even after the judge called it a lift. Badass.


Hawt day-um


Does anyone know how Bolton trains DL?


Truly amazing lift..
but credit to Jeff lewis who actually WON the SHW category with a 550 squat!!!any vids of that?


He ran out of attempts. And unlike Benni, Andy did this after a full meet.


Here's a short Andy Bolton interview from 11-05 if anyone is interested:



"What is your training routine?

I train 3 days per week, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Monday bench, Wednesday squat and deadlift, Thursday bench and ass work for squat and deadlift. Each workout is 2 to 3 hours with lots of volume depending on energy levels that day.

What specific exercises do you believe have been effective in increasing your bench squat and deadlift?

Squat I believe you should just squat, squat and squat again. Bench is more work for me; the boards help a lot. Deadlift is just deadlifting with lots of volume and lots of explosive power."


good call i agree


Anybody have a mirror of the video? I'm getting an error when trying to view it.


Do you think he'll do that little dance when he goes after it?

I really wish he would drop that-but then again it has served him well.


Best part of the interview...

What style of training do you use?

I use Andy Bolton style training.