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Bolton's Ease

Note that Bolton had no problem with 927 lbs.


Appears the link doesn’t work. Use this: http://www.irongame.com
Scroll down to Added Videos September 6th, 2004 for the Bolton video.

Andy Bolton’s routine is quite interesting and different.

He trains a bench press variation on monday for a wave cycle followed by chest, shoulders and triceps assistance. Competition bench before a meet.
He trains a squat variation on wednesday for a wave cycle followed by speed deadlifts, heavy rack pulls every other week, then back and ab work. Competition squat before a meet.
He trains deadlift assistance on friday (eg leg curls, shrugs, then back and ab work) followed by lats, biceps and triceps.
That’s it. He focuses on being very strict and full range on each exercise, assistance exerices are quite high reps for some reason.

Did this website change or crash…I looked at the video two nights ago and now its takes me some place else.

I’d like to show this to my powerlifters at my HS before the season starts.

The guy that runs the site said it should be back up in a day or two.