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Bolo Yeung


How successful would a prime Bolo Yeung be in today's mma scene in your opinion?


He would be awesome. I heard that behind the scenes of the movie Bloodsport, Bolo actually hurt JCVD and had to be told to reduce the power of his chi to 32.7%.


Serious responses please. He is more than just an actor, he is as old-school as old-school gets. He trained with Bruce Lee and such like.


he would do as well as Bruce Lee



Bruce who?


i know a good one.

Do you know what is Bruce Lee's favorite drink?


The blood of his enemies?


Not so good. Frank Dux beat his ass while being blind.


And pretty much doing ballet...


According to wikipedia, "Bolo met Bruce Lee while the two were filming a Winston cigarettes commercial."

so my guess is they would both gas badly. Especially Bolo with those bouncing tits of his.


fuck! he ain't no Conan!



Tits or GTFO.


He would do as well as Professor X


Our professor X or Charles Xavier ?



not the latter but either is pretty fucking funny


Bolo young as black dude LOL