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Bolo Yeung

By far the best body I have ever seen is that of martial artist/ powerlifer / actor and bodybuilder Bolo Yeung. You may remember him from the films ‘enter the dragon’ and bloodsport. I think his overall thinkness and mostly his pec size put all pro-bodybuilders to shame and he doesn’t have the look of a heavy roider neither. The guy has a look of stone what make even Ronnie Coleman shit his pants if he bumped into him down a dark alley. This guy never gets a mention considering his massive frame and I reccomend you all see his films. Test-mag you have to track down this guy and beg, borrow or steal his chest routine!

His is the type of body I aspire to unlike those bloated, unheathy pro bodybuilders and he looks much stronger too.

The original bodybuilding legend Bolo Yeung.

They better steal, beg or borrow his genetics and not chest routine.

Do you think Bolo has a “special” super secret chest training program? Doubtfully. And what makes you think he doesn’t use roids, too? Actually, I think his pecs look more like tits. At least in Bloodsport. He was the bad guy right?

actually to me he looks a little fat/bloated.
i’d rather look like van damme if i had to pick…

Back in '96, while working out in Golds Gym, Venice - I met Bolo; aka, The Chinese Hercules. Not a big guy in person. I’m 5’4" and he was barely taller than me. HOWEVER, his son is a BIG guy. Genetics, my friends. TEK: Yes, Bolo was the bad guy in Bloodsport.

I think his chest looks a little weird, but if that your thing, go for it.

Yeah, yang sze is a little too bloated, but if you like big asian guys, check out operation scorpio. Great martial art flick and the bodybuilding kung fu dude is HYOOOOOOGE!

I didn’t say he had never used roids but he dosn’t look like he’s ‘on’ all year round.
He may have the genetics but in his earlier films in the late 60s early 70s he looked smaller so thats a testimony to progressive training. I still think the guy is awsome and possibly the most evil looking bad guy I have EVER seen in my life. You never know for sure if it’s genetics, look at Sly in the late 70s then in the early 80s when he looked awsome. I bealive if you have the desire coupled with intense training and faultless nutrition and yes maybe one or two anabolics there is no end to what you can acheive.
Bolo has been bodybuilding and powerlifting for 30 and owns a gym in China this guy knows what he is doing more than most.
Come on guy’s his mass is fantastic you cannot deny that. Just shows people have different ideas to what makes the ideal body, Bolo’s intimidating but controlled mass is mine.

I think genetics does play a large factor here. Not to sound racist or to stereotype, but a lot of the built asians I know have a similar build to Bolo. e.g. they have great chests, but look a little bloated, not too much but a bit, in the midsection area in particular. This is based on a few I know at the gym and from some of my friends that are asian.

Additional trivia info for those into such things: Bolo Yeung was a Mr. Hong Kong at one point, which is how he got into movies.

There’s a guy in the gym where I train who looks exactly like Bolo. This guy is Japanese, not Chinese, but the resemblance is really eerie. So much so that I actually thought it was Bolo when I first walked in the place…

As I haven’t seen either movies (I think), is Bolo Yeung the bad guy in the movie where Van Damme plays two twins? I vaguely remember seeing a movie like this (I think it might have been Bloodsport) but the bad guy was Chinese, he had huge pecs (and in the movie he had a scar on his face).

Although I could be wrong, I suspect that the asian men to whom you are referring might appear bloated due to the tremendous amount of white rice that the asian culture can take down each and every day.

man that guy looks like he’s fat,I too would rather look like Van Damme.

Hey char-dawg did you tell the guy to fuck off when he asked to used the bench after you?, thought not!

Anyway, I think the summary on far-Eastern genetics is incorrect. Most have the small/skinney/ripped appearence like Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Jet Lee. Why do you think these guys make such good martial artists?, the small stature gives them increadible speed and agility. This is why Bolo stood out so much, his mass dwafed every guy he has ever been on screen with as in ‘enter the dragon’. The guy rules period!

Steve’s description of the look of a typical Asian (thick skin, maybe not so “bloated” but definitely holding some water), Jet Li isn’t ripped like Jackie (who ain’t skinny) or Bruce (who was VERY lean). Quite the contrary. THEY all have VERY different looking physiques. BUT you can’t base your opinion on just these THREE men.

And the speed and agility ain't due to their small Asian stature. In China you begin training in the MA as a child, it's like PE here. So ALOT of the Chinese have developed a good solid base in MA. However, Bruce, Jackie, and Jet were/are just a bit more of star quality as well as gifted in MA - which is why they made it to the big screen.

I have to agree with giovanni that Bolo is one scary looking motherfucker! I have seen pictures of his son, who is a competitive bodybuilder, and his face looks exactly like Bolos! His son is much more ripped though. I used to be a big fan of Kung Fu movies (even before WU-Tang clan made them a trend) and Bolo is in quite a few of them. A really funny one to see is called Chinese Hercules. Bolo looks huge in that one and there is some really funny shit in that movie.

Patricia, taking your MA comment into consideration you cannot deny for one second that people in the far East make much better martial artist due to the different genetics. The Chinease/Japanease/Korean generally are a smaller people and I agree that this small size give them the upper hand in the martial arts game. Yes they train hard and do MA but I think the superior ability with martial arts is in the genes. Most nations have an individual build and characteristics which is why different nations are better at different things. Scandanavins are big buggers which is why they almost always win in the world strongest man. Ask yourselves this, who was the better martial artisit : Chuck Norris or Bruce Lee? It may be an unfair comparison but the two guys represent a genereal build from the two contries. Norris would probably outlift Lee in the gym but Lee is fucking grease-lighting compared to Norris. After all it would be a boring world if all nations were the same!

Take a look at the top fighters in the world, they are not asian. Boxers, kickboxers, MMA, the asian’s are not the dominant force. The fight game is dominated by caucasian, latino, and african american people.Your comparison of Chuck and Bruce is not a good comparison. Chuck did not have natural ability, and had to work extra hard to get to where he is. Joe Lewis on the other hand had the natural ability, and lightning speed, and as also much stronger and bigger than Bruce , and in my opinion could probably could have handled him, because of it.

Jochen: you live in a world of “stereotypes”. What you said is like saying that just because you’re Chinese, you can make a mean “stir-fry” or if you’re Japanese, you should be able to make “sushi”. Or Korean, “kim chee”. Cuz it’s all in the “genetics”. My grandfather was nearly 7ft tall (and so was my great-grandfather) and he was Cantonese. But he knew nothing of the Martial Arts. And neither did anyone else on my mom’s side of the family. They knew how to run a flower business and a small theater business. That’s it. So you’re saying that just cuz they were Chinese, they should be able to all of a sudden get all “kung fu”?! Even without ANY training? And NO desire to train in the MA? hmmmm. Your views again, are based on stereotypes.

I love Bloodsport. That movie is the shit. ive always wanted to look like that guy that was van dammes friend in the movie. I dont remember his name but he was on revenge of the nerds. that guy was funny.