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Boldenone Undecylenate To Acetate


Has anybody tried going from the EQ injections to the tabs?
What doses of EQ were your running and what dosing of tabs did you finish your cycle with? Overall opinion compared to without running tabs,etc?


i tried using EQ as an oral. i figured it would be on par with andriol for absorption, in the neigborhood of 10%. i had diluted the mix with olive oil and consumed with protein/fat meals. results were not spectacular compared to as little as 300mg EQ/wk injected. dose was 200mg 3 times per day.


Now that sucks! To be honest, that's not what I was looking to hear, but I prefer the truth to bs. I hoped the absorption would be around androil too. That blows the idea of using a fast acting tab to ride out the long-ester self tapering while maintaining the rest of your protocol(test, etc). Thank you for your time and honesty.


if you have access to powders and know how to brew, i would consider getting some boldenone propionate. i am considering getting some of the enanthate version myself, though i think the whole half life thing is over estimated as the release curve is an upside down U with the right side skewed a bit, but not to the degree that a classic half life would suggest.

i personally like tbol and var during this period to replace the EQ.


yeah stay away from bold prop and bold acetate as they give flu-like symptoms when injected! Don't ask me why, but they do.

Boldenone cypionate is the best alternative to the undecylineate estered version.