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Boldenone / Test E Cycle


Greetings everyone,

I'm starting my second cycle, I tried to do my homework, but any additional advice or tweaking would be appreciated;
I'm 29 years old been training constantly for more than 6 years now, I am around 220lbs, 5'11 I am around 11.5%bf (best I've reached naturally was 10%)
Max Squat 500lbs
Deadlift 440lbs
Bench 350 lbs

I try to keep a good eating habits all year long, I aim for 5 meals a day,

Morning; 25gm Whey Protein Shake + Eggs + 1/2 cup of oats
Mid morning; 25gm Whey Shake
Noon: Chicken/meat/ veggies with some quinoa or brown rice
Mid noon 25gm Whey Shake + apple/almonds
Post Workout 60gm Carbs + 50gm Protein
Tuna/Chicken/Steak with rice/brown rice /salad

I usually do 3-4 cardio sessions of 30 minutes weekly my weight training is pretty heavy and fast, I usually do 45-60 minutes with minimum rest time.

I've done a Test E only 12 weeks cycle a year ago, 500mg/week Test E for 12 weeks, and now I am planning to start my second cycle,

I am not looking to put on noticeable size, but I am trying to lose some bf (especially that last flap over my lower abs) look leaner, harder and more vascular, this is what I have planned and purchased already, any comment or modification in the plan or the diet is appreciated

Weeks 1-5: 40mg/daily Anavar (oral) ( I read I need to go up to 80 even though some say anything between 20-80 should be fine)
Weeks 1-2: 800mg/Boldenone EQ per week (frontloading)
Weeks 2-14: 400mg Boldenone EQ per week
Weeks 1-15: 500mg Test E per week (Many sites recommended to run the Test 1 Week longer than the EQ)
Weeks 4-14: 250mg HCG/weekly
Weeks 17-20: Nolvadex (40/20/20)

Let me know if I am getting it right or if I need to add remove modify anything. Thanks !


definitely up the anavar to 80mg/wk

yogi preaches on this


the teachings of Yogi preach that thou must run thy var at 100mg/day for as long as thou can afford


I wouldn't bother with the Var unless you can run it at 60mg min. 100mg is where its at like stated above.

Also EQ at that dose will be disappointing. I tried running EQ at lower doses while people told me otherwise and it just became a waste of time and gear. 800mg/wk and up. EQ at a gram a week is much more rewarding and still very mild. Would suggest it at that dose for a first timer no doubt.

Front loading is not necessary at this dose and I was never a fan of that protocol anyway. Just let the compound build up and enjoy the ride. Also I'd say stop it at least 2 weeks before Test at the least. The half life is much longer than Test's so I even prefer 3 weeks. This would be more ideal:

Test E @ 250mg/wk
Wks 1-15

EQ @ 1000mg/wk
Wks 1-12

Var @ 60-100mg/ED
Wks 1-4 & 14-17 (Tail end > Front end, if not both)

If you are not a shredded and veiny mother fucker after this cycle I don't know what will help you lol. Good luck man.



Thanks Chizeled, very informative and detailed, damn thats one costy cycle though :slightly_smiling: I will up the var and the EQ probably to 800mg/week as advised, I'd probably can afford the extra cost, but for the Test E I want to make sure you said to keep it at 250/week ? i was planning on getting 500/Week, since my last Test E cycle was 500mg/week,

Another question for the Var at the end of the cycle Week14-17 that would be before starting PCT right, what would it be good for ? I had an idea about getting 2 weeks of Tren before coming out of the cycle but would leave it until then to see if I need the extra cut. Would that make sense with the Var or you don't think it should be needed ?


Screw Tren for 2 weeks. Save the compound for its own cycle.

I like to suggest orals in the tail end because after your last shot your levels don't maintain their strength anymore, they begin to drop. It's nice to have a little boost in the end to know that even though your longer esters are clearing your system, you're still finishing the cycle strong with a nice oral that will keep gains coming (and in your case, body fat shedding) when the other compounds are no longer contributing as much.

Then once you finish the oral you don't have to worry about letting any compounds clear out. You can start PCT the day after if not a couple days. Not sure if you grasp the concept as I don't think I'm the best at explaining reasons behind protocols.

As for the Test dosage, I understand you're new to this but you'll learn that a higher or equal dose isn't always needed as you progress throughout your cycling. Test is in no way thermogenic so the more you run will never lead to a greater amount of fat loss (your main goal). The Test is there to just help maintain the muscle that EQ isn't already preserving (if any) and to keep libido in top health.

I ran this cycle with 125mg/wk of Test and once even without Test and still felt/looked great. Also EQ doesn't aromatize much but it still does and since you didn't mention running an AI (greatly recommended) I'd save yourself the worry of any estrogen related problems and lower the Test to lessen the chances. Plus with that much EQ I'm sure you'll want to save your self an ml of oil from being pinned every week.

I doubt you'll even need the Var if you plan your nutrition with this cycle correctly. Regardless I can't say it wouldn't be a nice addition so good luck with that kick ass cycle. I think you'll be really satisfied and hope to see some pics in the 7-8% range in 12-15 weeks.



Stop Squatting so high all I have to add.


Thanks for the great advice Chizeled I will keep you updated with progress !! very helpful and informative.


Reed thanks for the addition ! I started squatting with the first days of my workout while most of my gym mates thought squats just hurt your back and would do leg presses instead ! squatting heavy ass to grass gives the feeling of owning the gym specially when so many people here skip legs day or only do press in addition to the lovely view of a big full quads!!

but I think it also comes with a heavy cost on body and joints, any other reason behind what you said ? I could use any advice around, I know you can read as many research and do your own but there is always something new you can learn from people