Boldenone PCT Help

Hi everyone, I’m here to tell you about the cycle I’m undertaking and to ask a question about the PCT. My boldenone-only cycle (not combined with anything, just EQ) takes place by injection every 14 days for 100mg, in Europe for me it corresponds to 1ml. I also plan to stop, then start again, in total my cycle will last 5 months. So in 5 months I will have injected only one bottle of boldenone. Now, what I’m wondering is: MUST PCT therapy also include HCH or is only Clomid fine? Because in my opinion HCH injections at the end of the cycle are extra given the dosage and the fact that I am only using EQ. I absolutely take Clomid. Can anyone give me information about this? Thank you!

Where did you come up with this? It makes 0 sense and is a complete waste of time.

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Perdonami, ma perché affermi questo? Per via del dosaggio?
Ho pensato che un dosaggio basso e una ripetitività di due settimane (dato che l’emivita dell’EQ è 2 settimane) andasse bene, almeno per ridurre al massimo gli effetti collaterali. Puoi dirmi inoltre se devo seguire una terapia PCT, se mi sto facendo male o altro?

That low of a dosage will do literally nothing for you. I’m not one to give dosages but EQ is typically taken in the 400-600mg/wk range and most go even higher as it is a very mild steroid.
What are you trying to achieve?
You would want to inject at least 1 time per week with pretty much any steroid to keep the blood saturation up. I inject EQ twice per week.
I’m sorry as i don’t know much about PCT but others will chime in to help.

Going this long in between injection lowers your blood saturation too much in my opinion and that’s where sides start to happen. When your hormones are bouncing all over. A 2 week half life means that half of the drug has cleared your system in two weeks.

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Why? This might get you negative gains. 50 mg/wk of EQ is pointless. Especially if only doing 50 mg/wk solo.

There is also one thing to consider: I have been under GH hormone (or HGH) therapy for 5 years due to a deficiency linked to the production of growth hormone. So I have a dosage of 0.2ml every day for 6/7 days. However, my doubt is: at the end of the EQ cycle, will I need to follow a PCT (first question), and second question: is only Clomid okay or should I also inject the other drug mentioned above?

Yes, but you shouldn’t do the cycle in the first place since it isn’t going to produce results. It is upside down for risk / reward. You maybe will have a negative result (less muscle than you started with), and you have several risks in place (low E2 for the duration of the cycle / recovery), risk of poor recovery, risk of infection. Your cycle is all risk, with zero reward.

Clomid is usually enough.

I’ll assume you mean HCG? If so, it is a good idea to include it IMO. Make recovery easier.

If you insist on running only EQ for the cycle, then HCG is especially a good idea to take throughout the cycle. It will provide you some endogenous Testosterone and E2 during the cycle.

I’d encourage you to do more research on your cycle. It doesn’t make sense. If you stick to it, do use HCG during the cycle, and during the clearance period after the cycle and before your PCT.

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I dont have PCT products now… i’ll buy next months.

At this point you recommend me to do this cycle: ?

Injection every 14 days of 200mg (=2ml). I increase the dose by 100mg, what do you say?

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I appreciate that you are asking for advice.

But to be honest with you, I still think that is a ways off from a good (productive cycle). EQ is weaker than Testosterone. TRT is usually given at somewhere between 100-200 mg/wk. So even the lower end of TRT is roughly the dose you are proposing, but with a weaker hormone. 100 mg/wk of Testosterone generally won’t have a huge impact on muscle in 4 months either.

I think if you want to do a cycle, then you should do it right. Your dosing is just too low to be effective. Lot’s of people run EQ at high doses (I haven’t run it for full disclosure). I am talking about 600-1000 mg/wk and that is with Testosterone at usually at least 500 mg/wk.

If you want to do an EQ cycle, I’d format it (this is what I’d do, not medical advice) something like this.

Weeks 1-18 Test E or C at least 300 mg/wk, but higher is okay too
Weeks 1-16 EQ at least 300 mg/wk, but higher is okay too
Weeks 1-20 HCG at 250 iu 3X a week
Week 21-24 or 26 (depending on if you want to go a bit shorter or longer) Nolva or Clomid (just do the standard amounts)

This is just my opinion. The lower end doses here 300/300 will be a pretty mild cycle. I would likely be disappointment with the results. I’d probably do something like 750/500 Test/EQ, since I’d want to actually make some noticeable gains.

What does your training / diet look like. How is the physique? How strong are you on lifts like the bench press and deadlift? These questions should be asked to gauge if you are ready to use AAS (steroids).


I appreciate the advice and your interest. A question I’ve never asked myself is: is it possible to end a cycle early? That is, let’s say I wanted to interrupt this cycle that started less than 1 week ago, what should I do? Can it? Should I take PCT already?

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You can end it early. Recovery will be pretty easy, and you can probably get away without doing a PCT. EQ has a long half life, so if you want to stop, don’t inject anymore. If you want to do a PCT, just wait about 3 more weeks, and then do a mini PCT. Something like 10 mg/day of Nolva or 20 mg/day of clomid for roughly 2-3 weeks.

I think you would be better off stopping this one TBH. Do one when you have everything you need (PCT drugs, and the correct amount of AAS) on hand. Do a common beginner / first cycle (this will be something like 400-500 mg/wk of Test only).