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Boldenone Cyp, Test E, Tran E


Question Test E, Tran E , Boldenone cyp
Question 3rd cycle. Test e, boldenone cyp, Tran
Okay this is going to be my third cycle. I have been doing some reading, and just want more experience people to give me their thoughts on this. I’m wanting to do a lean bulk

Test E- 500mg- weeks 1-16
Boldenone cyp- 800mg- weeks 1-14
Tran E 400mg- weeks 1-10

So this is what I’m thinking. Will be my first Running Tran. Was wondering about Tran A instead, and keeping it down to 8 weeks on the Tran A. If I did that it would be between weeks 3 and 11.

I have also considered running my testosterone more around 300mg a week. Because testosterone and tran compete for the same receptos. Just looking for advice for more experienced vets


You are joking right?


No not at all, I have never ran Tran. I am trying to figure out how to used it correctly. I have used test and EQ. And really like the results I’m just wanting to add tran to it


Not sure how the right way to add in the tran