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Boldenone Acetate?

Has anyone heard about the new oral product Boldabol from British Dragon? I checked out there website and its chemical name is boldenone acetate, so I was wondering…is this going to be oral equipoise? If anyone has any vast knowledge on the restructuring of steroids to make them orally available or what not please fill me in. I’m very curious about this. Thanks.

[quote]CaliKing wrote:
My only thought concerning this new product is the 17AA alkylation that they have applied to the molecule. I like EQ, but it is best used during longer cycles. I am using it right now, I love EQ, but it takes a while to kick in. Therefore, by the time you reach the treshold of getting results from boldenone acetate, it would be time to quit for your livers sake. [/quote]

It seems you need to do some more reading… EQ takes a long time to kick in because it’s an undecyclenate ester. The acetate ester will kick in in a matter of days.

The answer is yes, EQ is being produced by british dragon as we speak. If it is out on the market yet I don’t know?

How do are they doing it? Well, in the case of boldenone we have a steroid that’s inherently somewhat resistant to hepatic breakdown because of its 1,4-androstadiene base structure. Also known as dehydrotestosterone, boldenone can offer a “fair” level of oral bioavailability, probably in the same ballpark as Primobolan or Proviron. In this case BD has modified it with an acetate ester, a structure also found on Primobolan. This ester also helps protect the steroid, but not significantly.

Consumers can look at oral boldenone sort of like oral Primobolan or oral Trenbolone acetate. These steroids work if you take a high enough dosage, but also tend to be very cost ineffective compared to injecting the same agents. So in this case we’re trading total oral bioavailability and potency for a safer (less liver toxic) oral option.

If you would like more info on the topic, check out the November issue of Muscular Developement, p.296


Sorry I meant to say oral EQ by British Dragon.