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Bold+Test Cyp+Winny, 10wks

Dear Friends,

i am starting my 2.cycle soon and i have decided to stack Boldenone (EQ), Test Cypionate and oral Winstrol.

I would like to ask all you experience users for comments and critiques.

Main goal of this cycle is performance ( improving speed, explosiveness, strength, endurance ) but also gaining few kilos of lean quality muscles and loose some body fat.

I will keep you updated about the resluts


Basic info:

Age: 24
Height: 6’7 (200cm)
Weight: 210 lbs (95kg)

My 1.cycle:

4weeks 20mg of Dianabol ED + 30mg of Winstrol ED

Goal was strenght and mass , and i was very happy with the results and most of it maintained one year after the cycle.

Upcoming cycle:

10 weeks
400mg of Boldenone / week
400mg of Test Cypionate / week
30mg of Winstrol EOD

I will get injections 2x week ( 200mg of each mixed together )


Breakfast: 0,5L fat free yogurt + 100g Sport Muesli + 1 scoop Whey protein (25g of protein )
Mid-snack: Muesli bar + apple + some almond and nuts
Lunch: 200g of grilled Chicken Filet, Veggies, Some Rice
Mid-snack: 100g of Tuna, 2 full grain toast with some low fat cheese
Dinner: 200g grilled Chicken or other meat, Vegies + many Carbs ( rice, pasta …)
Before sleep: 1,5% fat yogurt


2-3 workouts daily: track&field + basketball ED, Weight room EOD


Pre workout: 10g Glutamine, 10g Creatine, 10g BCAA
Post workout: 2scoops Whey Protein + 10g Glutamine, 10g Creatine, 10g BCAA

oh yeah i will get glut shots

thanks !

6’7 210. yea ok.


sorry forgot to include lifting stats…the nr. are the weight that i lift in sets … 6-8 repretitions

bench press: 150-165lbs
barb. shoulder press: 110-120
lat pulldown (behind the head): 140-150
power clean: 160
dead lift: 150-160
squat (deep) 260-270lbs

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