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Bold/H-drol Stack Please Review

Age: 24 Weight: 185 Training: 6 years

Weeks 1-8: 800mg Bold
Week 5: 50mg H-drol
Week 6-8: 75mg H-drol

PCT: 40/20/20/10

Anything else I should have on hand? Should I worry about gyno being an issue mid cycle and if so what should I do? Any other suggestions would be awesome. Thanks!

anyone have any advice? BBB ill pay you for advice!

leave the H drol out and use test. you will be much happier with the result

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:

[quote]jck524 wrote:
anyone have any advice? BBB ill pay you for advice! [/quote]

Lol, thanks, but I don’t feel qualified to advise on prohormones, other than ‘don’t do them’.


I’m ditching the BOLD and just running h-drol, is it really that bad of an idea? I can’t get my hands on test

Dude, I think you’ll have better luck posting on another board, it’s just there are very few pro-hormone users here. I’ll admit, before I knew anything about AAS, I fell victim to the trap of ‘this here is legal, so it can’t be bad’ and bought some H-drol, OCT PCT, the works. I personally don’t think that the risk/reward is there, in terms of suppression V gains, but each to his own.

If legality or availability is the issue, then I can understand your reasoning for PH’s. Just aslong as you understand that AAS are more effective, have an endlessly greater amount of medical research behind them, and are cheaper.