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Bold 200

Once again I am not taking or planing to take any phs, I like to learn just like everyone else and am curious about some of these substances. I have been doing some research on a compound, 1,4 AD I believe I-FORCE has a product called bold200 out right now with 1,4 AD as the main ingredient.

From what iv wread this is a precurser to bodlenone and between 400 and 800 mgs daily will produce results similar to that of EQ. This is not methylated and if you know where to look is fairly inexpensive.

Now for someone who does not have access to aas or does not wish to break any laws this might seem like it could be worth a shot. You could also use this in conjuntion with other “real” aas. I am curious if anyone has tried this compound and if so what did they think of it?

I know this seems like a stupid thread to start but I have hours to kill at work and if anyone is interested in responding Id like to see whats up with this stuff.

We had a rather long discussion about its use in the PH stick, I outlined the conversion rates, and the comparable dose for a similar cycle of actual boldenone

It is very popular with the PH crowd, being a non methly is always a plus when they try to stack multiple drugs, and it seems to work quite well.

It is expensive for a PH, and you would have to spend a fairly large ammount to get a comparable cycle to the actual gear.

But yes its legal, it does convert to boldenone.

If you go back to page 7 in the PH sticky I was discussing its usage with Waif. A quick google search will get you a very large number of logs for male bold cycles and stacks with other compounds, as apprently the effective dose is somewhere near 7 or 8 thousand a week.