ok, i know no one has tried it yet, but what are your thoughts on it? what is it comparable to give its structure (7-methylandrost-4-ene-3-one)? and to only have to take 1-2 caps per day, each only being 10mg, it would have to be incredibly strong on a mg to mg basis.

I asked about it last week and someone responded it was suppose to be similiar to anadrol without the bloat.

That was me. Ten mg. is comparable to 50mg of Anadrol(give or take), without the bloat, and possible gyno. This came from the man himself in a post on Meso. Sides are hair loss, and possible severe acne, also use no longer than 4 weeks with no other orals during that time.

Colt, So Phil said not to take with any other orals? I was thinking of running the drytest and OT with it.

I asked him to about the OT myself and he said not to do it, even though OT is not 17 alkalated(sp?)its chlor-group is slightly liver toxic. He said it would be best used with Dry Test or Deca, but no other orals. After the 4 weeks of the Blast I see no reason the use the OT for another 4 or so???

Yeah after I posted I thought that I could run the Dry Test for 8 weeks and run the bolasterone for 4 weeks and then the OT for the final 4 weeks.

Sounds good to me.