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Bol or Drol: Which Is Worse For Hair?

Which has the worst rep for causing hairloss: Dianabol or Anadrol?

I’m looking for very fast acting roids for short cycles and I wonder between these two.

Winstrol is great IMO but some many people come with drestoyed joints that I want to find other fast acting alternatives - without losing the hair!

I use Nizoral shampoo and I’m only thinning instead of completely bald like all my male relatives, so I guess it’s working.

So… which one is better? Or are there better choices?

Anavar would have to be the least harsh, unless I’m missing something.


Anavar has two-three things going against it (for my situation): it’s harder to get for me, and the price is a lot higher, on a mg for mg basis. And I dont think it’s as effective by itself as other orals, dosage being equal. Still thanx for the tip.

Anyone would know which is least damaging for keeping the hair where it belongs?

Dbol with an AI would be best for avoiding hair loss in this situation. That is my experience.

I wished every hair on my body would fall out! I’m tired of shaveing this shit.

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F’n A Cotton!

I hate having razor burn.

[quote]biscuite wrote:
I wished every hair on my body would fall out! I’m tired of shaveing this shit.[/quote]

I’m 1/32 Cherokee and 1/32 Choctaw. All of those genetics went to body hair. Shaving all 12 of my chest hairs is pretty fast but I do still have those annoying hairs around my nipples.

What sucks is that I could never grow a beard or mustache if I wanted too. Between blonde patches and thin patches it just looks like shit.