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Boise State and Tulsa --Tonight

Boise St favored by nine points. Anyone predict a possible upset?

BSU wins, but I think TU covers. The weather here has been cloudy with a constant drizzle/light rain. If it is like this tonight, it could effect the outcome.

I have Tulsa in an upset, or maybe I just want one real bad.

I could stand a Tulsa upset.

The weather is piss poor right now (54 degrees and raining). I think this definitely helps TU by slowing down the game a notch.

By the way, the OKC Thunder have a game tonight (of all nights) in Tulsa against the Heat. If Chapman Stadium isn’t sold out, that might be why. Don’t ask me why they scheduled that NBA game when they did.

I’m glad they’re playing in Tulsa. I get tired of seeing that damn blue field. It’s like watching the smurfs on acid.

Boise and it’s not even close.

Go Tulsa

Dammit Tulsa could not pull it out. Lou Holtz said something good tonight. “Sometimes I think the referees should be paid only half their money, because I think they look at only 1 team.”

Fun game to watch, over the last two offensive series for Tulsa you could really tell which team had “been there before.”

Knowing how to finish is so important in these types of games. And the play of BSU, especially the penetration that the defensive ends had toward the end of the game proved who had the experience and who was caught sitting back on their heels.