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Boiling Your Eggs!

In previous posts that I have read it’s recommended that the egg be eaten scrambled instead of fried or raw to increase their absorbtion and get all the possible protein, nutrients, etc. out of them. Is this whole fuss over the just the yoke being broken up or does this include the eggg white as well?

My questins is would eating the whites off a hard boiled egg be a bad way to consume the egg?


Boiling your eggs and then eating the whites only, is a tried and true way to get your egg whites.

Some people think you should eat a whole egg for every 3 or 4 whites you consume, but that’s another story.

If you want to eat the yolk, some people say you should be very careful not to over cook the yolk and damage the nutrients in the yolk. Sometimes I’ll separate the whites and yolk, scramble the whites and then mix in the yolk so only the remaining heat in the whites warm the yolk.

I think Mercola has a lot of info on eggs and nutrition. Try doing a search over at www.mercola.com.

I think yorik’s idea of adding the raw yolk onto the cooked whites is an excellent idea. I’ve done this before and it’s a nice way to eat eggs.

some say that by cooking the egg, you oxidize the cholesterol, which isn’t good. it would make sense, seeing as egg is the most concentrated source of cholesterol you can eat (unless you eat brains).

Would that just be monkey brains, or will any kind do?

mmmmm brains

any brains will do. brain is very high in cholesterol and fat, seeing as it’s needed for the nervous system.

First of all, there is no reason in the world why you should not eat the whole egg!

If you are worried about Cholesterol, eggs will not raise it. Saturated Fat raises cholesterol. Also, 80% of cholesterol is produced by your liver. Not dietary cholesterol.

I think one of the reasons that we are seeing so many eye problems in people is the fac that egg consumption is down compared to 30 adn 40 years ago. There are valuble nutrients that help protect the eye, in egg yolks.

If you are going to consume eggs do so either uncooked, in a shake,(the chance of salmonella poisoning are rare perhaps 1 in 30,000) or lightly poached. And eat the entire egg!

ZEB, sat fat doesn’t raise cholesterol. I know many many people that eat a lot of saturated fat through beef, dairy, etc, and their cholesterol levels are either normal or actually below 200.


You may know lots of people who have normal cholesterol when in fact they eat plenty of saturated fat. That, however, does not change the fact that Saturated Fat raises serum cholesterol levels!

You have reached an incorrect conclusion based upon insufficient data. For example, “I know plenty of people who did not wear their seat belt when they had an accident and they lived”. Does that negate the voluminous statistics that state seat belts save lives? No.

There are many web sites that you can go to regarding cholesterol. This is just one: nal.usda.gov/fnic/dga/dga95/lowfat.html

The question that should be asked is this: Does the raising of your cholesterol actually cause heart disease? I have an opinion on that as well, but it has to be saved for another time.

“High” cholesterol is largely genetic. Dietary cholesterol has little effect on raising or lowering blood lipid levels. My cholesterol was in the 280’s so I didn’t eat anything containing cholesterol for six (6) weeks. Went back and got tested and my level was higher than ever! Plus, my triglycerides were sky-high!

The Dr. actually told me I was “screwed.” He put me on Lipitor and in six (6) weeks I was at 180 and LDL & HDL were perfect. So were triglyceride levels.

Now I eat anything I feel like.

I eat saturated fats like they’re going out of style. Cholesterol: ~120


You are blessed.

i’m sorry, but if you think that the way god intended us to eat is unhealthy, and that man is the only one smart enough to create foods that will make one healthy, then you’re extremely arrogant.

god intended us to eat beef, eggs, etc. that’s what we evolved with, and that’s what we’re designed to eat.

Ten, if your doc tells you that you are screwed, ask him why. Genetics play a part but dietary choices and exercise can take care of it for most people. Lipitor has some screwy side affects that are annoyances to T-men. Hopefully you were able to come off after your cholesterol lowered.

By the way, recent research suggests that cholesterol has little to do with increased risk of heart disease.

also, if saturated fat helps maintain T levels, then the increased T levels will reduce heart disease!


Dr. Mercola has been interviewed my TMag before.

~ jackzepplin

morg, I agree with your post that states to eat food God has intended us to eat.

However, depending on the body God gave you, you may be better off eating a little more of one food God gave you and a little less of another food.


zeb, sure some people would do better on a higher carb diet, but most do well on a lower carb one. if you do well on low carbs, then you’re made to eat beef, eggs, etc. if you’re made for higher carbs, then you should be eating higher carbs!


I am not talking about high or low carb diets. One can eat the food “God intended” as you say and still not consume a great deal of red meat.

There are lots of choices vegetables, fruits, nuts, white meat. One does not have to over eat red meat, when they are eating “Gods food”. Okay?

zeb, that ain’t how any of my ancestors ate.

they might be god’s foods, but they ain’t how god designed me to eat. I’ll eat the foods god made and god designed me to eat. that is…lots of red meat and all sorts of yummy stuff like that!

and the reason I mentioned low carb…i got sick trying to eat low fat meat. literally sick. i got constipated too. sorry…that’s NOT good for me. not what god intended me to eat.