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Boiling BA Off Test

Recently I have been looking into the idea of reducing the BA content of test through heating the vial in an oven. After looking at threads on various other forums the basic idea or most common method is as follows;

1.Gather together the following items:
Vial of Test cyp.
1-18g sterile pin
1-.22 sterile filter (preferably one that has the ability to be autoclaved)
(Optional) 20 ml. sterile syringe with 18g pin

  1. Open sterile filter, with out touching the inlet or outlet of the filter attach to your 18g pin.

  2. Insert the pin filter combo into the vial (preferable the pin will not be in the Test cyp.)

  3. Place the vial in a small pan and place in a cold oven, set the oven at 180f for 30-45 min. (if you are worried about losing or hurting your test cyp. in any way don’t. Here is why the alcohol in the benzyl alcohol has a flash point of 200f, benzyl benzoate boils at 614f cotton seed oil boils at 442f and finally the Test cyp. has a melting point at 285f.)

  4. Turn off the oven a let the vial cool completely before removing the pin/ filter combo (the filter assembly is not there to filter the gases as they escape but rather to filter the air going back in the vial as the liquid cools.)

  5. Optional-If you are worried that you have boiled away some volume and would like to know the new mg/ml strength then draw up the contents of the vial in the 20 ml syringe and divide the total mg. by the total ml.s you have left.

I would be very interested to know what people from this forum have to say. I have noticed some disagreement between posters on other forums regarding the effectivness of boiling where it is argued that the test would be destroyed before the BA budged. I do have some experiance of making alcohol at home (poteen or moonshine as you guys call it) and so the idea of reducing BA content in this manner sounds appealing. You will probably ask why do I want to do this at all, well basically my leg is fucked and I cant walk without serious pain. This is not good for my line of work which involves climbing through air ducts and cooling towers (dont ask). The test I am using at the moment is BP and its BA content is just to high for me to use either that or I have high sensitivity to BA. Any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated.


I think it’s an idiotic idea to reduce the BA in the first place. Do you honestly think it’s BA that’s making your leg hurt? From what you say, you have no idea what’s causing it in the first place, you’re going off assumptions.

Why do you want to lower the BA?

Adding oil may be easier and safer than trying to evaporate the BA.

Id think adding oil will be much simpler.

The method you describe is effective at reducing BA content. You don’t need a syringe filter, just the needle. Put the needle in the vial so the tip is in the vial’s air, not the oil. Put in oven on cookie sheet or in a metal pot on a stove-top (my preferred method). The heat will result in increased BA evaporation–you won’t actually boil the solution.

That being said, the pain may be due more to the concentration of the testosterone, a lack of sufficient BB, or perhaps just poorly dissolved hormone. Heating will help, but it won’t necessarily work wonders. It’s worth a try though, just something to keep in mind.

Thats great thanks swartz