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Boilerman Wants It All

Oh my goodness yes. I told you that a few years back, haha.

College is a great time to pick up that skill. Can make you VERY popular. You can even run short order restaurant businesses out of housing.

I’m envious you found grassfed chuck @boilerman Chuck roast is one of my all time favorite meals. I have a bison one I can’t wait to crack into.

@tlgains yeah man, it is definitely a valuable skill. The stuff that I do is so simple and easy. All you need is decent cuts of meat and some seasoning, mainly salt and pepper. I don’t get too fancy with any of it. Dinner will usually take me less than 20 minutes to prepare and cook.

Watch some YouTube videos, read some stuff online and start practicing. 99% of what I cook is done on one 12" cast iron skillet, and a few things in the oven. A meat thermometer is really helpful, too.

@T3hPwnisher a few of my relatives went to the Pennsylvania cow farm I had mentioned a few months ago… and didn’t tell me haha. I ended up buying 4lb of Delmonico (that are gone now), the chuck roast and 8lb of ground for $100 off of one of them. I’m still searching for quality, reasonably priced grass fed stuff near me, but haven’t found much unfortunately. Until I do, I’ll just eat whatever grass fed I can and try to keep the fatty grain fed stuff to a minimum-ish

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Also @T3hPwnisher I was just thinking about this, but where the hell did you find a bison chuck?? I don’t think I’ve ever seen one. Make sure to tag me when you cook that sucker!

Piedmontese . com

Pretty much where I get all my red meat these days, outside of ground beef. Will absolutely let you know how it goes. It’s gonna be a while though. Pot roast is one of my favorite meals, whereas my Mrs doesn’t care for it at all. She likes beef stew though, which confuses me. That site DOES have bison stew meat, so I could get that, but they also carry grassfed piedmontese stew meat, so I have a lot of that.

Yeah that is kind of strange since in my experiences, stew and roast taste almost identical. More for you though haha

I’ve seen you mention that site a few times but haven’t ever browsed, maybe I’ll spend some time and see if there is anything on there that I’d be interested in buying. I’m assuming the quality is good or else you wouldn’t buy from them, so that’s good to know as well. Sometimes it’s a crapshoot at the grocery store.

I have a huge skillet and I do plan on going food shopping this weekend. I’ll do some research.

I’m getting very tired of eating
Straight from the can tuna and just plain salmon from packages.

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So to nerd out a little.

The piedmontese brand of cattle is the breed that lacks the myostatin gene. That’s the gene that limits muscular growth. In turn, these are the cows that are “double muscled”: they are JACKED. They produce MUCH leaner meat with higher protein content, yet are still very tender and flavorful. I get sirloins from there that are like new york strip. They’re also a local company for me, so I appreciate being able to support like that, but if I were to move away, I’d still order from them.

Mark Bell features them on his podcast, and as a result, using “POWERPROJECT” at checkout should get you 20% off the actual piedmontese stuff. Doesn’t apply to the bison.

We do Piedmontese beef hot dogs practically every week. The kiddo loves them, and it’s about as high quality as you can get with a hotdog. You really can’t go wrong with them. They were also the company I went with for my 26oz grassfed tomahawk.

Wow. I had no idea that these animals existed. Why am I not eating them?

That seems to say a lot about the quality of what they sell. Trying to follow Jon Andersen’s approach of keeping things as organic and healthy as possible is tough when the ability to get quality stuff is either stupid expensive or just not available. This seems like a pretty convenient way of not relying solely on what’s available at the store. Thanks for the discount code man, I am super excited to take a look through their products!


My process for making stew and roast is pretty much the same. I just add more liquid to stew

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Pwn stop breeding with cattle

Right?! This is similar to my recent sentiments regarding eating bison. There’s something empowering about knowing the animal you are eating is a powerful animal.

Sticking with the good quality food is huge. I totally ignored that the first time I ran Deep Water, thinking “right right, got it, carbs bad, meat and fats good”, and then helped myself to a lot of bunless double quarter pounders. I got big and strong, but running it the RIGHT way was other worldly.


Wait… so bunless 1/4 pounders aren’t good?
Even if u cook em from frozen?

I’ve been eating them for awhile.


They don’t abide by the principles Jon lays out in Deep Water.DW

In my case, I was referring specifically to the McDonadl’s double quarter pounder with cheese. You woudln’t be cooking those from frozen.

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@boilerman caught up on your log after some time away. The 99 reps is just awesome. That you failed at 99 and couldn’t reach 100 tells you it was your true physical limit, not the mental override. The mind would have let you hit the round number.
Going that deep into failure has got to induce major gains.

I’m sure that’s the reason why I’ve never been able to tell the difference haha.

I’ve never thought about it, but after seeing that monster, my thoughts have changed haha

This is definitely something I’ve been attempting to subscribe to a little bit more. I’m doing what is convenient right now, but I’d like to do more to err on the healthy side. It’d be great to see body comp changes while keeping calorie or food volume similar. I feel like I’m in a sustainable place right now as far as food intake is concerned, so being able to capitalize on that would be awesome.

@jdm135 happy to have you back in the log, man, hope your vacation was nice!

The 99 reps has been in the back of my mind all week ha. I’m still trying to come to terms with the fact that it was 99. Maybe I had one more? Maybe I’ve never gotten to that threshold before and my brain didn’t know what to do with it? I definitely tried to stand up, but my.legs gave me nothing, but what if I tried harder? Could I have tried harder?


You did what you could and it induced growth. Next time you will either get 100, or less than 99 due to fatigue, but you will be stronger. Dont sweat the base-10 bias.


Deepwater W6D1

DL at 305lb, 2 min rest
Total- 92

Squat at 135lb, 3x10
Crunches 3x20

BW lunges 3x10 ea leg

Again, just didn’t have the strength. My brace was GONE those final two sets. I feel like that was absolutely my limiting factor today. Once I couldn’t hold the brace well enough, my body folded and all the wrong parts were pulling the weight.

I’m not unhappy with the last couple of lower body sessions, but I expect more from myself. I just don’t have it in me yet.


Well @T3hPwnisher , I checked out the piedmontese site last night, and everything looked great. I went through some reviews and, other than a few people that may or may not be able to cook, saw that they were basically all positive.

I ended up signing up for the quarterly beef club. This quarter they’ll be sending-
4 Dynasty Center Cut Striploin - 8oz.
2 Beef Steak Tips - 16oz.
4 Skirt Steak - 16oz.
4 Ground Chuck - 16oz.
1 Chuck Roast - 48oz.
2 Grass Fed, Grass Finished Bavettes - 16oz.
6 Flat Iron Steaks - 8oz

It’s not all grass fed/piedmontese, but I’m assuming that it will be better quality than Walmart/Wegmans meat based on the fact that they don’t operate as a massive scale industrial operation. This is definitely a step in the right direction.

In the end, this will actually end up saving me some money, too. Not to mention being able to redeem myself by cooking another chuck roast.


That will only last you a week. Better just buy a cow and throw it in the backyard. I’d love to see the reactions of my dogs if a Piedmontese steer just showed up one day in ours.

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Haha, that would be ideal for sure.

Ya man, my dog is afraid of toads. She’d never go outside if one of those beasts lived in my backyard