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Boilerman Wants It All


Bench at 185lb x 8,8,7,6,5
Face pulls 5x15

Bench 205x1

Seated DB OHP at 35lb, 4 sets, last set triple mechanical drop to flat
VB row at 130lb 4x10

Band pushdown 4 sets, last set double drop
RDF 4 sets at 12.5lb to fail
Plate raise 4 sets

Work sucked today. 92 degrees and humid. I spent all day both in an attic and on a rubber roof, so dehydrated, itchy and kind of pissed haha.

Had the 8th bench rep of 3rd set 3/4 of the way up, just couldn’t get it there. It was hanging out for ~10 seconds. Decided, since I didn’t beat my previous bench days reps, to hit something heavier for a single. 205 moved well enough, still not too confident about hitting 225 though.

I’m ready to start a legitimate program. I hate having everything left up to me. I need someone to tell me what to do and to tell me how hard to push, because right now I don’t know if what I’m doing is working or not. I think I’m just finally showing the strength I gained on deepwater… not necessarily getting stronger.



Deadlift 3x1 at 405lb, 315lb x 15
HLR 4x10

Pull ups 4 sets to fail
Curls 4 sets to fail

Got out of work late, told the wife I’d only spend 40 mins lifting so naturally after PRing on squats two days ago, heavy deadlifts were on the menu. I really wanted to hit the landmine squat dropset again, but was too worried about the time. I will get to it either tomorrow or Thursday.

DOMs from Sunday finally reared their ugly head this AM.

Weighed myself today… Down two pounds to 204. Not sure how as my diet has barely changed. Whatever, just going to keep plugging away. Starting my buddies program in 2 weeks.

Edit: vid from today’s lifting, first single is 385, next 3 are 405.


Bed of greens
Whole advocado
Peppers and onions
3/4lb sirloin steak tips
Crumbled queso fresco
Home made pickled jalapenos
Dollop sour cream
Cholula green pepper sauce

More queso fresco, 3 slices of bacon, small amount of ghost pepper cheddar, 2 scoops peanut butter.

Dinner and dessert for tonight


Landmine belt squat strip set


Didn’t count reps, going to start keeping track of time spent


Holy hell, nice work dude.

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OHP 5x5 at 125lb rep PR
BOR 5x15 at 125lb

Incline Db press at 35lb 4x25
NG chins bw +30lb 4x5 rep PR

BW dips x 22, bw +25lb x 9, 10, 10
BB curl at bar weight 4x25

I felt absolutely unstoppable today. PRs all the way through. Keep this train rolling into tomorrow as I’m hoping to hit a few heavy squat singles.



385x1 10lb PR

1 set power cleans at 135, didn’t count reps

Vid is 345, 365, 385


Yoooooooo Boilermannnnn nice job!!!

Conquer 405 next

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Super strong squats. It seems like all the suffering on Deep Water helped

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Thank you dude, that’s the plan. I’m assuming you have hit 405 already? Your squats were awesome the last time I checked your log

Thank you very much. I think I’ve had that in me for a little while, possibly even more weight, but lacked the confidence to try it. As of right now I’m just going for broke, slowly but surely destroying the numbers I’ve been milking for the past year haha.

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Most I’ve done is 395 x 3 back in may. I don’t think I’ll have 405 on my back for a long time. “God is a beast” is a very long program. I expect to hit it for 5+ reps once I’m done.

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Bench at 185lb 8x5
Face pull 8x15

CGBP 4 sets at 135lb to failure
VB row at 130lb 4x10

TRI pushdowns 1 set to fail
Hammer curls 1 set


Crushing it. Good stuff.

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So, just took a look back 6 months ago to the pervertor cycle I ran to make some comparisons. Watched a few videos I took and checked out form differences and bar speed on top sets. Progress has exploded this past month or so.

From December of 2020 to now, my lifts has gone…

OHP from 125x3 to 125 5x5, 115 5x8

DL from 355x5 to 365 5x5, 405 for 3x1

Bench has still been fairly stagnant, hitting more reps with 185 than I was, but yet to hit a 225 bench

Squat from 315x5/345x1 to 295 5x10, 385x1

Goals for now are…

Squat to 435x1

Bench to 225x5, 245x1

Deadlift to 405x5, would be awesome to hit 455x1

OHP to 155x5, 170x1

Planning on starting the new program once I return from vacation, going to keep hammering away on the modified nutty program.


PRs all over the place in here. Great work mate

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Damn son your squats blew up. But the 365 5x5 deads is damn impressive.

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That’s some great progress dude!!!

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Thanks dude, hoping to keep them coming

Yeah man I’m surprised that my squats haven’t stopped going up. Shooting for 375 for 5x5 on deads this week.

Thank you man