Boilerman Wants It All

The song is called “the pavilion (a long way back)” by coheed and Cambria off of their “the unheavenly creatures” album. Definitely one of my favs on the album.

Oh boy, don’t go opening Pandora’s box. I could talk music for literal days on end. It’s the one thing in the world I love more than lifting haha. If you are ever curious, just ask. I’m certain all the bands I listen to would appreciate their music spreading!!!

@tlgains as a little expansion on coheed-

You might really dig these guys. They base their music off of a story written by the lead singer, and each album expands on the story. They even have some graphic novels and comic books to add to the plot. From what I understand, it’s pretty in depth and there are many interesting characters involved. I personally haven’t dug too deep into the lore, I just really like their music.

The Unheavenly Creatures album is a bit more straight up rock than most of what theyve written in the past. I really like their epic 10 minute songs, but to get started with them, the album I mentioned is probably the best. Here are a few songs that I REALLY dig (and funnily enough, they’re all 3 in a row on the album)

For a bit more “prog” I’d go with their earlier stuff, these are just random favorites from some of their earlier albums

(3/4 of the way through the song is one of the most locked in and coolest sounding bridges of all time IMO)

(Epic song, absolutely amazing ending)

(The fucking singer plays the guitar… and sings… While playing that intro riff. What the fuck. He’s a damn robot)

Sorry for the massive reply. I absolutely LOVE music.


I haven’t watched a C&C video in a while. Dudes hair has definitely been tamed. It used to be so wild!
Love that band.

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lol yeah man, I saw them a couple years ago when TUC album came out and he had actually chopped it off. He looked so different haha.

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As far as music is concerned, I take so much pride in the fact that I will listen to any genre as long as I like it. When I say I listen to anything, I mean it. I’ll definitely take a look at them dude, thanks! What other genres do you listen to?

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IMO that is an amazing attitude to have dude. You’d miss out on so much awesome stuff if you completely wrote off an entire genre.

Not a problem at all! I love talking music

Like you, I listen to everything. Country, death metal, pop (I was super excited about Taylor swift releasing her new CD), hip hop, rap and r and b, soul, rock and roll, I can appreciate jazz and classical for what it is even if I don’t quite understand what is going on… I just love it all. It is my favorite type of art.

I also love writing and recording, which are both arts themselves. I may try to find a way to anonymously upload a few originals so you guys can check them out. I’m pretty proud of some of the stuff I’ve written.



205 x 4, 3, 3

Skull crusher at 65lb

DB fly SS press
3 sets



425x1 (match PR)

Well, I had a couple days off on Wednesday and Thursday and ended up working yesterday and today. Got out of work and did this quick. Not “on program” but whatever.

Diet has been abysmal and sleep hasn’t been good either. Gotta step it up.


Looked easy.



Axle press
153 2x1 (PR)

Yet another quick day. Too much stuff to do and not enough time to do it. Off program, which isn’t going to happen again.

This coming week will be back to the regular. Daily dips/pull ups/belt squat etc, conditioning, and actually following the program.

Sometimes I really hate “vacation”. It usually ends up being everything but a break.



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Boilerman casually destroys his previous PR in sub optimal conditions!!

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That clean looked super easy, press looked like a PR​:joy::joy:

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That’s exactly how it felt haha

@tlgains thanks man, not exactly how the workout was supposed to go, but I needed a win

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Got home from work and played with the dog in the backyard for a little, then…

Dips SS log viper, 8 sets

Dips x 30, 7x20
Log viper 8x10

170 dips
80 log vipers

There is definitely room to cut rest time. I’ll try to work up to 100 LV and 200+ dips in minimal time.


1lb of ground chuck burgers
Goat cheese
4 slices of bacon
1/2 avocado

Not pictured is a salad, and finishing up with some almond butter.


“But I’m not in a hurry, either, so I’m leaning toward just cycling into it like I did with the 1-plate press. It felt incredible to walk in, load the bar, and press 135x5 just because the 5/3/1 template said that’s what I should do.”

(Written by @SvenG, no idea how to post quotes between threads…)

After reading the quoted text, I realized that I haven’t been doing myself any favors these past four weeks. I haven’t particularly been enjoying myself with the program I’ve been running, either. Hitting heavy weight is fine, but I don’t feel as though I am making progress towards anything. I am purposefully stagnating myself for two months to attempt to hit a weight on a lift that I may or may not hit. I’m cutting this peaking program short.

Cool things I learned in the past four weeks
1). I can squat 375x5, and it feels better than deadlifting 375x5
2). One plate presses are in the bag
3). I like volume
4). I feel lazy if I don’t feel like I’m really pushing myself, and in turn, I slack on diet

Cool things I’m about to do
1). BBBB
2). BtM

I’m seriously excited to be moving on to something new. I’ll start with re-reading BBBB tonight and begin getting some TMs together.


So it has been worthwhile, then, even if not in the way you initially thought.

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Dips x 30

5 rounds of
(As fast as possible)
Log Viper x 5
103lb axle front squat x 10
120lb sandbag to shoulder x 4

Dips x 30

220’ 120lb sandbag carry
450’ 160lb sandbag carry


Alright, spit balling some TMs for the upcoming 531 cycle.

Bench- 195
Axle Press- 135
Deadlift- 385
Squat- 355

I feel confident I’d be able to get 5 fast, clean reps with the weights listed and even more so at 85%. I’ll be adding 5lbs/10lb per cycle, so going straight from this to BtM should (in theory) not be an issue.

I’m going to try and keep to the thursday-sunday schedule with sporadic bouts of extra work thrown in. I want to concentrate a bit more on sandbag carries and keep the log viper volume and frequency high, as well as extra dips and pullups.

Diet will continue to be on track with what I’ve had success with- lots of protein, lots of fat.

The end goal here is to do as much work and eat as much food as I can cram in. I’m feeling lean enough (from my own perspective) that some fat gain won’t be a problem and I know exactly how to “cut” it in 6 weeks. First squat session is on Thursday. Let the DOMs begin!




5x10 at 235
(8 min 40 sec)

NG chins at bw
x 15, 15, 12, 8

60 second plank, 20 situps, 3 rounds no rest

Dips bw+35lb
x 15, 18, 17

Finished this in just under an hour. I was absolutely flying through this. I kept rest to a minimum and got back under the bar a little bit before I felt “ready” to. Sweating profusely and very happy I made this change to something a bit more challenging.

Kept 1 min rest through the BBB stuff, which won’t be common, but the reps felt good enough to push the rest time. The main stuff felt good, and the main top set moved quick.

Wanted to add that I’m running this (somewhat) as a @T3hPwnisher inspired 3/5/1 as opposed to 5/3/1. The theory behind running it this way makes sense.

Edit: dinner. 12oz chuck eye, 8oz flat iron, bacon, avocado, salad not pictured.