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Boilerman Wants It All

Nice, those reps looked easy for you.

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First thing in the AM
Pull ups 4x10
100 BPA

W3D4 (an hour ago)

Strict axle press
133x6 RP 3 RP 1

Side raise at 15lb

Axle curl

Dip BW +35lb
x 16
x 14

Spent 6 hours between yesterday and today raking wet leaves onto a tarp and hauling them to the back yard. My upper body is pretty lit up right now. I’ll be hitting the belt squat strip set tonight or tomorrow after work, then conditioning on Tuesday.

I have a 2.5lb grass fed chuck roast cooking right now, should be ready around 7 pm so I’ll be sure to post up pics.


Chin SS belt squat

Chin x 12
Belt squat at 145
Chin x 11
Belt squat at 135
Chin x 8
Belt squat at 125
Chin x 8
Belt squat at 120
Chin x 8
Belt squat at 95
Chin x 8

Set a stopwatch before the first set of chins, ended up with 15 minutes of work. Super sweaty, quads are toasty.

Totaled 95 chins so far, so after I type this I’m going to hit 5 more to make it an even 100 for the day.



13 hour day at work, walked directly into the garage

100 bw dips

x 30, 20, 16, 16, 12, 6

Conditioning tomorrow


That’s so many hours sheesh. Well at least you’re making big boiler buckaroos.

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Starting week 4 on Thursday. This is where things are going to get interesting. I’ll be in uncharted territory on the main lifts for the majority of the remainder of the program.

I’m finding it difficult to estimate the weights I should be using, especially for bench and squat. I feel as though I’m overestimating my bench strength and underestimating my squats.

In any case, I’m on track to PR on the lifts I care most about, the squat and deadlift. I think I’ll be able to hit a decent PR on OHP as well by week 8. If I’m feeling really good and strong one press day I may just shoot for the moon and see what I can do.

It’s very possible I could triple my previous DL PR, and I hope that will translate well to a heavy single. I’ve put in a lot of work (and plan to continue doing so) for this 5 plate DL. I’m also thinking a 405x3 squat is on the table as well.

Diet has been spot on these past few weeks, so I need to keep it up. The piedmontese is coming tomorrow so I’ll have a decent amount of good food to slam down the next few weeks.


You see they’re doing a sale of 25% off everything until New Years? I JUST got an order in and already I wanna just buy all the bison in the world, haha.

You’re absolutely crushing it dude. Great to see.

I was not aware of that and I wish I didn’t know because I feel the same way haha. Time for another order I guess…

Thank you dude! Means a lot coming from someone as bonkers as you.

I’m attempting to get as pwn-esque as time allows and am looking forward to winning the one year “most improved” T-ransformation challenge coming up.


103lb log viper grace in 4:03

80 BW dips


Good luck with that, I’m planning on winning both this year!


lol I was waiting for someone to comment on that.

See you in the ring buddy!


Totals for today

103lb log viper grace in 3:36
100 bw dips
2x15 dead hang pull ups

Took today off work to use up some PTO before the end of the year. Ended up drywalling and mudding all day. I hate drywalling and mudding.


Found two dynasty tenderloin medallions hiding in my outside freezer… Jackpot!

Saving the second one for the next time I forget about it and find it. Tonight will be a medallion and a skirt (shared with the wife), some broccoli and an avocado.



375x5 (massive PR)

BB lunge at 135lb
3x8 ea leg

Wide grip RDL at 255lb

Pull up BW +25lb
10, 10

Those squats were interesting. 315 felt heavier than usual and I was on the fence about shooting for 375. I had planned last night that 375 was probably around the correct weight for the top set at RPE 7 and it turned out to be more or less spot on.

The main issue I’m noticing on these heavier weights is the bend of the bar. I can feel it flexing as I hit the top of the rep and it sends me slightly off balance. I may experiment with slowing down towards the top of the rep and see if that helps. Also, I think I’ll be adding in some ab work soon to help with brace.

Crazy to think that I hit a one rep max of 385 four months ago and now I am repping 375. Fucking insanity.


That’s fucking awesome dude! It looked like you had some more reps in you. Btw what’s the song playing in the background

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Congratulations, man! That was beastly.

And Happy Thanksgiving, too.

Hah! I’ve often wondered about the boilerman’s workout music—you can often hear it in the videos, but I’m never able to figure out what it is.

Do tell—inquiring minds want to know!



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Loved seeing the heart and guts on that set dude! Full on display of strength.

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Thank you dude! Super happy with my squat progress this year!

Thank you dude! Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!

Thank you ejones!

Thank you pwn, still a lot of work to be done but I think the effort is closing in on where it should be. Just have to keep it up.