Boilerman Wants It All

That looks good bro, lol today I learned what a shaved ribeye is.

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I really don’t want to do deep water, but man, eating like that looks so fun, and extremely expensive lol

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Whaattt, no deepwater??

Yeah man the food is good. Pretty much everything I like to eat is on the list, so I’m golden. I can do without stuff like rice and pasta, but I do splurge on pizza and tacos every once and a while.

It’s not terribly expensive relative to everything else. My lunches are pretty basic and lately I’ve just been eating a lot of ground, which isn’t too bad. Eggs are cheap, 4 packs of avocados aren’t too expensive here (somehow) and my wife would buy the organic uncured bacon anyway, so I just eat it haha.

You could eat this way whether you’re doing DW or not dude! I’m planning on eating like this through BBBB and building the monolith… and if I’m in a good spot, DWB and DWI again. I really like eating this way.



355x6 (PR)

BB lunge at 125lb
x 10, 8, 8

Wide grip RDL at 245lb

Pull up BW +25lb
x 8, 8

Absolutely smoked that squat top set. I now have no doubt that I am hitting PRs on squats. I think I had at least another 5 or 6 in me, which is promising.

After some threads and podcasts popping up on here lately that were quite inspiring (hmmm… Bet you can’t guess who inspired this…), I’m going to be adding in some extra work here and there. Mostly bodyweight stuff like pull ups and dips. I’d also like to add another quick conditioning session during the week when I have a rest day and I’d also really enjoy doing the landmine squat drop set again as well. I’ll try to work some extra stuff in this weekend.


That’s awesome work today! And congrats on the PR.

At what point did you start adding weight to pull-ups, and how did you progress?

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nice work

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Thanks dude, I’ll be honest and tell you I have no idea about the pull ups. I bought a dip belt a year or so ago and threw some weight on and tried to see how many reps I could do. I don’t really concentrate on them at all but am planning on it from here on out.

I’ll probably keep adding reps and weight as much as I can and keep the BW stuff for extra work.

@ejones1 thanks man


Fair enough. I’m finding 4x10 is pretty easy for me these days, but if I start to push for higher reps, I tucker out somewhere around 14-15 reps. Was thinking perhaps progressing with weight might be better than pushing reps… I think Wendler had a blog post about weighted pull-ups; maybe I’ll try to dig that up.

Thanks for the reply!

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No problem dude, sorry I couldn’t be of more help… but I started to think before lifting about adding weight and it seemed like the right thing to do.

Kind of treat it like any assistance movement… I can do a ton of the “TnG” pullups consistently and am confident I’d be able to hammer out 13-15 dead hang, so adding weight seems like the next logical step? I guess you could do pauses at the top or slow down the negative, but IMO (and I think @ejones1 would agree) doing weighted pullups is pretty badass haha.


Nice work in here man!

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Hell yeah dude. Daily work is such an amazing investment. Just a little bit goes a long way.

I figure you’d appreciate my newly arrived Piedmontese order. I’m calling it the “Winter is Coming” edition. 3 bison pot roasts, 8lbs of grassfed stew meat. And then I threw in enough hot dogs to get the free 4lbs of stew beef they were offering.

I love stew and pot roast season. And now I got the wife to sign on to bison pot roast.

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Thanks @whiplash1 !

That is an amazing order. I’m jealous of the pot roasts, I didn’t end up ordering one this time. Next time I absolutely am going for it though. I still have a chuck roast to use from my previous order, I’d like to use that before I buy more.

I also added some chuck eyes to get the stew beef for free haha.

My order this time (not the quarterly box) is…

2 chuck eye steaks
4 flat iron steaks
4 Skirt steaks
4 flank steaks

I can’t wait until the quarterly box comes though. Tons of good stuff in that one.

You’re a lucky man. My wife will try a bite or two, but that’s it. She’s not a big fan of beef roasts for whatever reason… maybe I just suck at cooking them haha.

I’m hoping the additional volume will end up putting some muscle on. I’m not completely unhappy with how I look, but I feel like I still look kind of like a twerp, especially after watching some.of the lifting vids I’ve posted up.


We have a family rule at the dinner table that boils down to “family meal adjacent”. We don’t make special meals per se, everyone is eating the same thing, but we allow permutations of it. I talked before about how we were all having pot roast one time and my kid had it mixed in with mac-n-cheese, well my wife goes a similar way: she makes it into a pot roast sandwich. Some sourdough bread and a good white cheese can change things, and, of course, ketchup is the universal solvent.

For me, fish stick night becomes fish taco night, haha.

It absolutely will when paired with how you eat. Just a great way to make use of additional calories AND to ensure that the muscle building stimulus is staying active all day. It’s nice to get in little bits of activity here and there vs all in one big lump.

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PTI, but you touched on this in the podcast when talking about the pandemic (taking out the trash and getting chins in, I think), as did the ChongLord. This perspective has been a game-changer for me: I’m doing so much more now because I’m willing to work in 10-30 minute chunks, which is not a perspective I had even just 6 months ago.

@boilerman - you’ll go far with this!


That’s a nice way to be able to enjoy dinner as a family- I like that idea and my wife and I actually do something kind of similar. Mostly we share vegetables and have different meats, though.

This is all I needed to hear, haha. I still feel the DW effect, but I think adding a bit of extra work on top and some additional food could do my body some good.

@SvenG I think that was the part of the podcast that got to me, it made me realize just how much extra time I DO have to train, whether it’s 5 minutes or half an hour.

Thanks for the encouragement dude!



(20 minute phone call so that I wouldn’t have to go out)

BB skull crusher at 65lb

Flat DB fly SS db press at 27.5lb
3 sets amrap

Phone call kind of threw me out of the groove, opted to not re-warm back up. Was supposed to go for 8 reps but it just wasn’t there. I’m not terribly concerned about it. Work tomorrow AM, then deadlifts and I may end the day with the belt squat stripset.


Before leaving for work

50 dips
3x10 chins



Front squat


BB row
4x8 at 155lb

VB row
3x20 at 125lb

Started losing my left thumb on rep four if the 390 set, so instead of stopping I just grabbed the straps and knocked out the last rep. Wish I had practiced hook more often before starting this, but such is life. Likely going to have to use straps from here on out for the top sets.

Depending on how the remainder of today goes I may sneak in a belt squat session. The landmine is still set up from the VB rows.

Weighed myself after work out of curiosity, clocked in at a whopping 199lb. I’m feeling good physically, but with the extra work I’m throwing in, I’m going to be adding some food.


STRONGGGG!!! Is that a deadlift pr dude?

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Thanks dude! No not a rep PR. I’ve hit 405x6 TnG a few months ago

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