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Boilerman 531 Log



5x10 at 215

50 band curls
50 BPA

Not too sure what to say other than what I’ve already said. Edit: took out squats are dumb. They’re not, they’re just hard.

Diet has been pretty spot on. I’ve noticed my shoulders, arms, chest and somehow calves (calf’s?)? are getting bigger in a good way… Likely due to the deload and increased food. Cool.

Edit 2: I just realized I used the wrong percentage for set 1 and fsl. It was supposed to be 10lbs lighter.





5x10 at 80lb

V bar row bar weight+110lb 3x10
DB side raise 3x15
BW squat 1x50

After supersets, v bar row at 110lb 1x10, 1x10 at 95lb

Long day coming up tomorrow. Working, then 2 side jobs after work so no lifting. Hopefully hitting deads Saturday unless I get called in again.

Shoulders are pumped. Felt them on OHP, which hasn’t happened in a while. I’m into it.


Wait you’re working 3 jobs?

Thankfully no. I do side work after hours and on weekends, normally just to help friends and family. The reputable companies around here (and I’m sure everywhere else) charge anywhere from $100-200 just to show up on your doorstep plus $100-150 an hour for diagnoses/service, so the charge could be $300 for just lighting a pilot. I’d normally just do that for free.

I try to do as many calls as reasonably possible without driving myself into the dirt.


So the username is literal then!


lol yup

I’ll quote this for emphasis. I haven’t done a PL meet yet, but I have done a strongman competition, and even though I didn’t win, I also didn’t zero any events, and I even came in 2nd on the deadlift medley. There were 4 other people in the masters class, and the lightest one was 50# heavier than me, but the deadlift medley ended with AMRAP 315# axle and I may not have been as strong as them, but I could rep the f*ck out of 315#. The best part, though, was how all the other competitors cheered you on and were right there with you pushing you to do the best you could. Great experience and I’m so glad I did it…

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Yeah, I’d like to get my eyes on a few different strongman comp weight classes and weights used for each. I’d really like to have a good idea of what, exactly, I’d have to do in a comp. If I know I’d zero all events I don’t think I’d even consider it, or if it’s far enough out I’d be able to work up to being able to handle the weight, I think that’d be ok.

As of right now, my pressing is horrible, and in strongman comps they’re repping 150+, which I can’t even touch lol.

This is really cool.



5x10 at 240lb

Landmine press at 50lb+bar 3x10 ea arm
Kroc row at 62.5lb 3x30 ea arm
HLR 3x10

Edit: 2 min rest in all supplemental and superset work.

Today felt weird, like I never got warmed up. Very odd.

Not too sure how I feel about lifting on the weekend. I may switch to 3 days a week and lift after work all three days.


I think lifting on the weekend is great! Almost always far less stress those days, so I think my focus is slightly better. Different for different people though, of course.

Yeah I would think that’d help me out a bit, having the time to really dig in. I find it really difficult to get amped up and in the zone though. Could be lifting at a different time of day, amount of food I’ve eaten (or haven’t eaten), lack of physical activity beforehand (but I worked this morning, so IDK about that). Something just feels way off about it.

Maybe I’m just used to being so jacked up before lifting, high stress all day until crashing after I lift. Most weekends I feel like I’m aimless and walking around in a haze just cleaning and doing stupid little stuff around the house haha.

Why do you think you need to be amped up? Are you also a pre-workout user?

I train in the morning (first thing or mid-morning after a bit of work at the latest) because the last thing I want to do after walking around a lot and/or coming home from work is lift. I rather get it done and over. Interesting how you seem to feel opposite!

I feel that. I always dedicate one day of the weekend to cleaning my apartment, doing laundry, and sometimes batch cooking. It takes an annoying amount of time.


I guess amped up would be the wrong term… “Ready” would be a better one. I just never feel ready to lift on weekends.

I do use preworkout, but I’m not sure why anymore. I mix maltodexterin and preworkout and drink it before I head back to lift, it’s become more a habit than anything I think.

Ha yeah crazy, I am the complete opposite. I love lifting after work. I feel useless first thing in the morning, until I get to work. I’m not sure how comfortable I’d be squatting or deadlifting in the morning. Have you ever tried lifting in the late afternoon?

If you do ever decide to compete, it might not be a terrible idea to stop this even if performance suffers temporarily.

I moved about a year ago and joined a new gym. In college I mainly lifted at the earliest hour possible to avoid waiting for a rack, but I wouldn’t have that problem at the new place. So, I tried some of the days training in the late afternoon/early evening. Hated it.

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I’m an avid caffeine user, and it’s been in the back of my mind for a while now to cut back severely. Again, it’s just a habit I have to kick. When I tell myself I’m going to do something, I do it, I just haven’t gotten to that point yet with caffeine.

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Incline press


5x5 at 130lb

BW pullups 4x8, 1x6 RP 2
Pause pushup 5x10
HLR 5x10

Everything moved well today. Squats either tomorrow or Wednesday. Not looking forward to it.


Getting this bone in ribeye ready to grill tomorrow.


Damn, now I want a steak. Maybe this weekend.

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Pullups are looking good! I think the weighted pullups have paid off.

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That’s what I was thinking at dinner tonight eating spaghetti squash and italian sausage. Nothing compares ha.

Yeah most definitely, they feel a lot better. I haven’t lost any weight either so I’d say with 99% certainty I’ve gotten stronger.

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