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Boilerman 531 Log



5x5 at 165lb

JM Press 3x15
DB Row 3x15

Not really feeling bench lately.


@T3hPwnisher @Lundrball @garagerocker13 do any of you guys have any ideas as to why my bench just feels wrong? A couple inches off the chest is where it feels most difficult, leg drive when my feet are planted flat on the floor feels so wrong. Hips feel weak as hell and I feel like I have zero leg drive with just my toes on the floor. I feel like I’ve been stuck for so long on bench.

Sorry for the shitty angle, I can record a different one next week if anyone thinks it will help.

Ya, not the best vid. Reading back this is maybe the 2nd not so great bench session? But numbers are holding stready. I’d try a few more training sessions before anything radical. Check ur sleep, food, and just stress in general. This year is full of BS.

Then I’d probably switch it up, DB bench for a few weeks.

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Hey man,

I’m far from a bench guy, but looking at the video, the big thing that jumps out to me is that you set your feet, set your arch, then MOVE your feet. What this tells me is that you basically have no “base” to bench from once you start benching.

Once your feet are set, they should not move. When you set your arch, THAT is the position your feet should be in, because it’s the position they were in when you set the arch, which is where you are going to base your power out of.

When I set up for bench, I dig my upper back into the bench, then I set my feet down and drive hard into my upperback to make my arch, and, if I move anything, it’s my UPPER torso: not lower. I’ll keep my feet planted, hold onto the bar and use it to pull my upper back up so I can set my arch even harder if need be.

May help you out.


I feel like every bench session is not so great ha. I hit the numbers I was supposed to but the way I bench just feels wrong. It doesn’t feel powerful. Squat and DL I can tell where the power comes from, but with bench it just feels like the weight goes up somehow, but it’s difficult. Not sure how else to describe it.

I will try that, thanks man.

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Your head leaves the bench as you lower. I’ve always tried to limit this.
I find looking at the bar makes the lift harder.

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I feel the exact same way with any pressing movement, I can move the bar but I’m not sure why it’s moving. Do you have longish arms?

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I’ve realised I’m stronger with a grip not far off what would be used for Cgbp. It’s not like my triceps are strong, but it just works for me.

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I’m not too sure compared to the general population. Wingspan is slightly shorter than I am tall if I remember correctly.

I also feel like I’m closer than most people when it comes to grip anyhow, by nature of how my rack and bench is set up… I need the height to lift the bar out of the rack… I set up pinky, and sometimes ring finger on the ring.

I do the same thing you did, where my head comes up as the bar comes down. I don’t know why, and I’ve tried to consciously fight it, but it happens every rep if there’s any effort involved.
Incidentally my bench is very weak, and I can’t “feel where the power comes from”. Corellation?

Concur with T3hPwnisher, not quite solid. A wider vid view at front and side would be telling. Also might try bringing grip in. Seems your wrist isn’t staying stacked during the movement.

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Ok, next week I’ll record front and side view angles at my top two weights and tag, thanks.

Yeah, possibly. I think I’ll actively try to keep my head planted in the bench, but you’re right, I do it without even thinking about it. I don’t think I started out doing that, it just sort of happened and I haven’t given any thought to it.

Bench pin press maybe too. Your rack looks like it could set up at the right height. I found that a good movement to work tightness and power off the chest. Takes unracking out of the equation too. Itll be humbling, numbers will be lower.

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I’ll check into that, I don’t even know what it is lol.

Dead stop press. Set the guards as low, or higher if working on a sticking point, as needed. Squeeze underneath, setup and get tight and press, come back to a complete stop on the pins/guards, repeat. I think of as bench version of deadlift. Works great for overhead pressing too.

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Pull up 8,7,7
DB side raise ss front plate hold

Body feels absolutely trashed today. A little bit of joint pain coupled with a busy week at work this week, and I’m going to be roofing tomorrow. Going to have to eat and sleep a lot to make sure I’m ready for next week.

Possibly regretting Widowmakers for supplemental again on squats. Hearing got weird again after the set and I had to sit down for a couple minutes.


That means you did it right! Haha. I can always tell when I hit max effort when the CD starts skipping…and I realize I’m listening to an MP3…


Yeah I’ve noticed the past month or two the Widowmakers are way more intense. Legs are like jello and brain gets all wacked out, it’s kind of crazy to think that I’m voluntarily doing this to myself lol.

Edit: I kind of wish I didn’t already know how badly it’s going to suck by rep 15. That’s all I think about between racking the topset and reps 1-14.

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Dude that widowmaker looks miserable.
Good stuff.

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Thanks man, definitely not the most enjoyable thing in the world, for sure.

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10 hours of roofing today… It was a cedar shake tear off, so tear off 2 layers plus cedar, clean up, re sheet, dry in and shingle. We did 10 square and a few people left at noon.

One major plus was the food that the guy gave us. Dirty rice (which caused me to cough and sneeze like crazy) and jerk chicken… then chicken soup with scotch bonnet peppers. The chicken was out of this world and the soup was outstanding.

My tendons feel absolutely screwed from roofing though. My arms were in pain pretty much the whole day.