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Boilerman 531 Log

I understand now haha. I will give that a shot on one of my days this week. Thanks mortdk!

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Deadlift day

DL 5x5 @ 275lb
SS hanging leg raise 5x10

Zercher squat 4x8 @ 125lb
SS pullups 7,4,3,3

Good morning 4x12 @ 95lb
SS walking weighted lunges 4x15 @ 25lb plate each hand

11 mins bike sprints

Deadlift day is intense as fuck. Feel awesome after this workout though. I can tell my back, quads and hamstrings are going to get big from this program. Chest and shoulders are sore from yesterday still too. Usually don’t get DOMS but after a week off I knew it was inevitable.

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OHP day

OHP 5x6 @ 90lb
SS Pendlay row 5x6 @ 135lb

Incline press 12, 10, 6, 6 @ 120 lb
SS Bent over row 4x12 @ 105lb

BW pushups 17, 15, 12, 12
BB curl 12, 12, 10, 10 @ 55lb

11 min bike sprints

I love ohp day. Shoulders were so pumped I had a hard time reaching up to get my shirt off before bike sprints. Kind of a cool feeling haha.

Planning on upping ohp weight to 95lb next week and 12 rep bent over rows to 110 lb. Keeping 5-6 rep pendlay and bent over rows at 135 I think. Might shoot for 140 on bent over rows because I’m a lot more comfortable with that movement.

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Nice sessions mate.

about the rows, if form is good you can go as heavy as you like. I think that you should be able to hold the contraction on the top for a second and control the weight down is a good indicator that the weight isn’t going to be to heavy.

Anyways awesome job, and you comment on DL day about it being intense, it should be some big movements there. I love DL as well.

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Thanks mortdk- I decided to add some weight to squat day today to see if I could tough it out. A lot of these movements are brand new to me so without experimenting I have no idea how much I can handle. I’ll definitely add some weight to the rows, especially the lower rep ones. I’ve always loved barbell rows since I started and it’d be crazy to get to isdatnuttys level of rowing. Also- I can’t believe I haven’t asked this yet but do you have a log on here? I’d definitely like to follow along with you and give some emotional support since you’ve been so kind giving me all of this free advice to some random dude haha.

Squat day
BB back squat 5x8 @ 185lb
SS hanging leg raise 5x10

Paused BB back squat 4x12 @ 150lb
SS pullups 6,5,5,4 @bw

RDL 4x12 @150lb
SS walking BW lunges 4x25

12 minute sprints on the bike.

Week one in the books and I’m definitely digging this program. Feel outstanding, and I don’t feel like I have overexerted myself, but am still feeling like I worked myself hard as hell. Could have something to do with all of the food I’ve been eating this past week and I’m planning on stuffing face tonight at a great Spanish restaurant tonight with the (almost) wife. Paella, calamari and fried crickets here I come.

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Yup it’s the Viking log: The Danish Viking: Maxer PL routine Road to 2-3-4 Plates

It’s become quite long. I’ve tried to put a bit of a run down of what I’ve been doing in the first post.

Take a look in some of the other great lifters log.
This community is so nice and pleasant, BUT if you have program ADD then you’ll see so many new things you’d like to try out.

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Haha so true, I read all of the articles and stuff and I just want to try everything, but everyone who seems so be good/great at this says put on the blinders and your head down and just do it. I’ll listen to the people who know what to do

Week 2 bench day

Bench 5x6 @ 165 lb (felt easy today)
SS Bent over row 5x6 @ 145lb (felt easy)

Landmine press 4x12 @ 50lb
SS Pendlay row 4x12 @ 110lb

Dips 18,14,11,11
SS read delt fly 10,10,9,9 @ 15lb per hand

Got 5x6 on bench and bent over row, will add 5lb next week to each. Pendlay rows are finally making sense, but I’m going to keep the 12 rep sets at 110lb for another week unless I’m feeling outstanding.

I have to find a better way to do dips. As of right now my feet touch the ground and I’m not pressing my full bodyweight.

@isdatnutty is there another movement you’d recommend other than landmine press? This is another one that due to my equipment I don’t feel as though I’m doing correctly/to its full potential. Right now I have the bar shoved up against the back of my squat rack, and I alternate arms every set. So it’s R-50lbx12, next set is L-50lbx12 etc. Also, I have to be kneeling or else I’ll destroy the ceiling haha. I don’t mind doing it this way, and I can def feel it working my shoulders I just don’t think it’s really the “correct” way.

Edit: forgot to add in 10 mins bike sprints

I’ve never done a landmine press personally. I mean I did years and years ago, but I don’t have any value to add to that subject.

I would do close grip bench, OH press or Z press. Just depends on what your goals are.

This combo might work well!

Bench Press

OH Press
Incline Press

But wait…how are you able to do OHP with low ceilings? Do you do them seated? If so I would just swap Z-Press for Close Grip Bench.

Yeah I do them seated, which again I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not. It takes the “push” press out of the equation so they’re strict ohp. I might try doing the kneeling landmines for a few more weeks and see how it goes. I have pretty weak shoulders so anything that hits them hard, I like. Would it be a stupid idea to do 12 reps right arm, 12 reps left arm, then head to the rows? Alternating whichever arm starts the set each round?

That’s how I would do it.

If that’s the case, this is how I would do it:

Bench Press

Seated OH Press
Incline Press or Close Grip Bench

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Cool, I checked out a video on z press. Looks like a good replacement. I’ll stick with the kneeling landmine for a few more weeks and see if I start progressing well on it. If not I’ll switch it up. Thanks man.

Week 2 deadlifts

Deadlift 5x5 @ 285lb
Hanging leg raise 5x10

Zercher squat 4x8 @ 125lb
Pull up @ bw 7,5,4,4

Good morning 4x15 @ 95lb
Lunges w 25lb each hand 4x15

Did well today, going to keep bumping up deadlift weight as I got them all fairly easily. Might bump up hanging leg raises to 12 rep. Zercher squat going up to 130 or 135 next week too. Good morning will go up to 105 as the 95lb is crazy easy. Skipped bike sprints today, got out really late from work. Will hit it Thursday for sure.

Week 2 OHP

OHP 5x6 @ 95lb
Pendlay row 5x6 @ 145lb

Incline press 12,12,7,6 @ 120lb
Bent over BB row 4x12 @ 115

Pushups 20,16,12,14 (went for broke on the last set)
BB curl 12,12,10,10 @ 55lb

11 min bike sprints

Almost everything went up today and I’m feeling really good about where I’m at right now. Curls don’t matter too much to me so I’m cool with getting the same reps as last week. They’ll go up eventually. Pumped about the ohp numbers and getting more reps/weight on the bar on both styles of row and incline press. Haven’t weighed myself in a few weeks but I can just about guarantee I’m floating around 200 right now. I without a doubt feel bigger right now but in a good way. I have a feeling that deload a couple weeks back did some.magic for me.

Week 3 bench

Bench 5x6 @ 165lb
Bent over BB row 5x6 @ 150lb

Landmine press 4x12 @ 55lb each arm
Pendlay row 4x12 @ 125lb

Dips 20,13,12,11
Rear delt fly 4x12 @ 15lb each hand

Bench will get bumped up to 170 next week, as will bent over BB row. Forgot to update Fridays squat workout, I will do that later tonight. Workout days this week will be a little out of whack due to being out of town last weekend. Have some side jobs coming up too so hopefully it won’t impact my lifting too much.

Week 2 squat day from last Friday

Back squat 5x8 @ 195lb
Hanging leg raise 5x10

Pause squat 4x12 @ 150lb
Chin up 7,5,4,4

Romanian deadlift 4x12 @ 165lb
BW lunges 4x25

Will be bumping up squat again this week, along with pause squats to 155lb and rdl to 170lb. Will also add 2 reps to each set of hanging leg raises.

Days are all screwed up this week, had to take yesterday off due to buying a new car… old one is a rust bucket and I can’t afford to keep sinking money into it.

Deadlift week 3

Dead 5x5 @ 295lb
Hanging leg raise 5x12

Zercher squat 4x8 @ 130lb
Pull up 7,4,3,3

Good morning 4x12 @ 105lb
Walking lunges w 50lb 4x15

Everything moved pretty well today, might stick at 295 on deads, might move up to 305 depending on eating and sleep. I feel like I go through ebbs and flows of eating and sleeping great, and then out of nowhere it just nosedives for a week or two. Gotta figure that shit out. Still Loving the program tho!

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OHP week 3

OHP @ 100lb 6,6,6,6,4
Pendlay @ 155lb 6,6,6,6,5

Incline press @ 120lb 12,12,8,7
Bent over BB row 4x12 @ 115lb

Pushups 22,17,15,15
BB curl 12,12,12,11 (got it up but with a ton of body English)

11 min bike sprints. Forgot to add in bike sprints to my past two posts- did 10 mins each.

OHP will stay at 100 next week, as will pendlay rows. BOBBR will go up to 120 on the high rep sets. Incline press will stay at 120lb. Might try to find a way to get some weight on my back during pushups. Only like 10-15 lb for now.

Slept like shit this past week. Don’t know if it’s stress related or what but it’s annoying as hell. Get in bed at 10 completely exhausted and I don’t fall asleep for at least 2 hours, and wake up multiple times a night. Thank God it’s friday.

Great session B, doing good.

Or make the harder try doing them like tempo set 5050.
5 sec eccentric, directly to 5 sec concentric, that would be quite challenging as well.
But weight is a nice option as well. Maybe a backpack would do the trick.

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Squat week 3

BB back squat 5x8 @ 205lb
Hanging leg raise 5x12

Pause squat 4x12 @ 155lb
Chin up 7,5,4,4

Romanian deadlift 4x12 @ 170
Walking BW lunges 4x25

10 min bike sprints

I don’t know if my conditioning is getting better or I’m just getting used to how shitty it feels while doing bike sprints. Either way I think bike sprints on squat day are one of the worst things ever, which means it’s probably good for me.

@isdatnutty I have a question. How hard should I be pushing these sets? I’ve found on the last two sets of squats I have to hang out up top and take a few deep breaths before continuing on and finishing the last rep or two. Does that mean I should stay at this weight until I can just bang them out? Or is it just an issue of my conditioning not being up to par?

Thanks mortdk- I’ll start doing some slower rep pushups from now on. It’d probably be difficult to load weight by myself. I have done the backpack trick before I just find that no matter how tight I make the straps the plates hang out on my mid to lower back which really doesn’t seem like a very good idea for a chest exercise, but I will give it another try after I’ve exhausted the tempo pushups.


Bench week 4

Bench 5x6 @ 170lb
BB row 5x6 @ 155lb

Kneeling Landmine press 4x12 @ 55lb LR,RL,LR,RL
Pendlay row 12,12,10,10 @ 125lb

Dips 21,13,13,12
Rear delt fly 4x15 @ 15lb each hand

No bike.sprints today, will do them tomorrow Thursday and Friday. Need to give me legs some rest after yesterday.

Bench, BB row and pendlay will stay where they are. Last rep or two of the last two sets we’re getting pretty difficult and grindy so I’ll do the weight again next week and reassess. Might keep landmine press at 55lb as well, but as always I’ll see how I’m feeling next week.

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