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bogged down, Help

Well the program is going great so far, im trying to do more reading on ways to improve my weight training and I’m starting to feel lost. There is too much information, any suggestions for simpler plan? Im about 175lbs and about 6’3" and im just trying to put on enough muscle and lose enough fat to get cut. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

Start here:

Let me see if I can focus you a little better.

  • Read anything you can get your hands on by John Berardi. It just goes to education. Read it for inspiration and to lay a foundation of nutritional knowledge for yourself.

  • Keep a food log and track what you’re eating. Doing so allows you to really dial in your diet and take things to higher and higher levels. It also gives you feedback as to whether what you’re doing (a new program, a change in your diet) is working. Chris Shugart wrote an excellent article on the topic, www.t-mag.com/nation_articles/162miss.html.

  • Weigh yourself weekly and measure your BF% monthly. You’re looking for trends, rather than daily fluctuations.

  • Enjoy the journey. Experiment. You don’t have to do things perfectly. We learn from everything we try.

The bottom line is you need to dial in your diet, do a little cardio and select and follow a weight-bearing/resistance program. Spend a little of your time and energy in each area.

If you have any questions in particular, don’t hesitate to ask.

Awsome, thats exactly the kind of info I was looking for. I started a food log (im on the Tdawg 2.0) today. I need to go purchase a scale and caliper next. Im reading about HIIT and im going to incorperate that into my boxing workout. Thanks again for all the help. I can’t wait to post some pics to show the progress from all the hlep everyone has given!!