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Boflex03's Weight Plates Calculator


Hello all,

I've created a spreadsheet that tells you what plates to put on the bar for a given weight. I didn't find anything like it on the net, so I created it.

Good lifting,
boflex03 aka obo1



unfortunately when i talk to lifting with some people and i mention the weight 225lbs, they ask me which plates are used for that. Simple addition apparently doe not come easy for all. So this might be helpful to some, but i would hope not many.


Thinking less is all the rage. Thats why God invented Excel.


wow lol


I was about to say take it easy on the OP...he was only trying to help.

You are the OP. lol


I'm failing to see how this is useful. Are you supposed to print it out and bring it to the gym with you? Write down which plates to use for each weight of each set in your log book before each workout? Or just memorize the whole thing?
Learning to use them 2nd grade addition skills seems like the way to go here.
Edit: I didn't even look at it when I wrote my original response. After I saw it was one of those automatic-calculating spreadsheets, I guess that rules out my first option. But still...


Did you seriously just type a paragraph criticising a little excel sheet?

Some things never change around here.


Sorry if I hurt your feelings, just seems a little impractical.


Quit while you're ahead, please.


Oh no, please don't destroy me with your superior debate skills...
Sorry I'm not here to coddle people. I saw no point, and I still see no point.


The title of this forum is apropos.


^ I bet youre the smelly guy in the gym


^ well, he's in Florida and it's pretty humid so we would all be the sweaty guy there.


You're the one getting offended by one comment from one random person on the internet. So...




At first, I thought the OP was putting up a calculator from some kind of Bowflex machine given the thread title. Now that I know it's just for normal olympic bar and plates. WTF?

Seriously, WTF man?

If there's anyone out there having trouble adding up the weight in the gym, perhaps your money would be better spent on math books and a tutor rather than gym fees and supplements.

Hopefully Print will show up soon to punch you in the face.


Wait... I've always heard they don't use deodorant in Belgium.
NOW who stinks?



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jersey people wear deodorant and STILL smell


Hey! Don't knock us for at least putting forth the effort!