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Bodz is back!!!

Hey gang, I’m in Hawaii now (as of january of last year. I opened up a small 1400sf gym in Hilo on the Big Island.

Dang, Bodz, good to “see” you! I’ve been wondering what happened to you…

Man, with Bodz and Ironbabe back, it’s like old home week here… Now if only Whopper would make a return…


Great to see you back, Bro!

(For those of you who don’t know…Bodz was one of the great contributors to the site who was always one to give solid, basic advice on nutrition and resistance training…a lot like Patricia and Tampa Terry…and just like them, unique in his own way. He sure helped me out a lot!)

Are you back for GOOD? What’s been going on the past year or so?

With a gym in Hawaii, you need to get a Website…I’d love to see the place and maybe workout there (if I ever make it there!)

Anyway…great to see you back!


Bodz don’t know ya but good luck with your gym. That is a dream of mine to own a gym.

Bodz - don’t know you either, but it’s good to have someone that knows their stuff, as everyone says you do. Good luck with your gym. I’ll be in Hawaii for my honeymoon next year, so maybe I’ll see ya there.


SWEET Bro! Glad to have you back. I was wondering what happened to you. That’s awesome. A gym in Hilo? My girl is from Maui! We’ll be going out there next year to visit for a few weeks. Should be sweet.

How’s paradise treating you?

You training the locals and making them bigger and stronger?