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Bodz: Ideal BW/ Lean BW Calculation

Bodz: The Lion is TRULY losing it, brother! I have looked EVERYWHERE for that “rough” formulae you had for setting goals on total weight,lean body weight and body fat percentages. What was helpful about it is that if a person has either been out of shape (either overweight or thin) for long periods of time OR just want to add some muscle, it could give them a “rough” idea of where they need to be (along with the mirror!) THANKS!

Lion King…I hope Da Man Bodz will tackle this one, but I think I can dig deep into the memory bank and give you what I think the equation was. Bodz gave the ideal LBM of 180 for a person who was 5’10" (I’m pretty sure on that). And the equation was to add or subtract 7 pounds of lean mass per inch, depending on whether the person was shorter or taller. So for a 6’ (72") individual, LBM would be 194. I’m fairly certain that was it, but the Big Guy himself can only verify!

Timbo, you have a mind like a steel trap. I was watching my Lakers and decided to check the forum between the 3rd and 4th quarter. I didn’t expect to see my name. So, here I type and am missing the game…LOL. Yeah, Timbo is correct on my rough calculations. Just remember like he said, it is lean weight. So if you are 5’10" and 180 lean with 10% bodyfat, you would weigh 198. Or 180 lean with 5% would be 189. My formula is for lean. You decide what bodyfat you want to maintain. Good catch on this one Timbo.

Bodz…you da man, baby! This is how I see it…this is your world, Bodz, and Timbo’s just a squirrel tryin’ to get a nut! Lakers tore it up!

Bodz, what criterion are you using for an “ideal” weight? A matter of personal opinion, research on aesthetics, etc… Thanks

Brian, just personal experience. I have been training people since I was 18. I am 41 now. Not that that means anything. I have just found over the years that the formula I use is an easy one for “most” people to attain without the use of drugs. If you use drugs, you can expect a different number. I can’t give you that formula, because one doesn’t really exist. Everyone reacts differently to steroids.