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Bodyworlds- Interesting Video


I found this to be fascinating, and loved the athletic poses used in the exhibit....


I went with some friends a couple months back here in Houston. It's a cool exhibit but not near as big as I'd have liked.


OK - that is just creepy.
Triggered some nasty flashbacks to my second-year anatomy class too - " I love the smell of formaldehyde in the morning!"


It appears that Charles Staley has gone through the plastination process. You be the judge. Here's an image from the exhibit:


And here's Charles.


I went to this in Philadelphia a couple months ago and I must say, if you ever get a chance, go to this! It was really neat.. a bit creepy, but a learning experience nonetheless. Bring the kids!


My wife and I took our 9yr old daughter to the exhibit last year in Chicago. It was anything but creepy. Beautiful and awe-inspiring are better words to describe it. The show blends science and art. You really come away with the knowledge of how wonderful the human body is put together. It really is a great educational tool for all. And no it doesn't smell:)


I went as well. It's really not that cool.


I saw it in Phili too a while back! And yea, definitely crazy to see but interesting. Lots to learn.


Amazing! Great link. As an artist, I love to see the form in any form. This could be benificial in some foreshortening sketches. The belly-button is a little nasty though.


Awesome stuff. I have not seen it in person yet, but I have seen alot of his work on the net and tv. Very inspiring to consider that he supposedly perfected the process of Plastination in his basement.
Can't wait to see it up close.


Good stuff.

Thanks for the post Laurie.




Allright, allright, I'll change my avatar....jeez!


There's supposed to be an exhibt similar to this in New York by the seaport. I haven't been, but my boss said it's very cool for anyone whose interested.